Joey Clipstar Presents ‘Hardest Bars Mixtape Vol 1’

Hardest Bars

Joey Clipstar presents Hardest Bars Mixtape Vol 1.

If you’ve seen him hold down his Hardest Bars freestyle show, on Link Up TV, then you’ll know that Joey Clipstar doesn’t lack when it comes to finding artists with witty wordplay and heavy punchlines. Going bigger and better, he has put together a 36-track mixtape full of tracks with some of the hardest lyrical content you’ll have heard in a while.

Hardest Bars Mixtape Vol 1 features DayOffDuce, Aaron Abstract, Benny G, Cray Cray, Jay Kage, Jorrdz, M10, Satch Se7en, Olana, Reapz, and many more. You don’t want to miss out on all of these impressive bars!

Check out Hardest Bars Mixtape Vol 1 exclusively on the Link Up TV Trax app.