Joey Connects You To… Trapz


‘Joey Connects You To…’ is a brand new, monthly blog post Joey Clipstar will be doing – connecting you to an artist he feels deserves to have the spotlight on the work they have been putting in. First up is Beckton, East London rapper Trapz.

Trapz has been rapping for sometime now, but as of recent times (this year) I feel he’s been making banger after banger after banger. His witty/clever punchlines and skippy flow never fails to have your head bopping with tracks like ‘Hello Again’, ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Mi Na Talk’.

Other than featuring on the new 8 Bar Link Up coming soon, I’m not too sure what’s coming next for Trapz, but I expect a lot more bangers and hopefully a mixtape to round off all the work he’s been putting in this year.

Make sure you connect with him on  Twitter and Instagram – also watch Trapz’s latest visual release ‘Pray For Me’ below.