JGrrey releases new Kadiata produced single ‘All For You’


Singer JGrrey has just released her brand new single ‘All For You’ which is produced by none other than Kadiata. Despite it’s presumptuous title, the track is a lot deeper than it may seem on the surface. “I don’t write love songs. All for you, isn’t a love song. All for you is a song about going insane over someone.. an infatuation, a slight obsession. All for you isn’t rainbows glitter. All for you, is an unhealthy urge that you’re willing to lose your mind over… But I make it cute, because going crazy never looked so damn good,” explains JGrrey via Twitter

The track follows on from JGrrey’s previous, widely received singles ‘Growing’ and ‘Don’t Fade’ which was first performed across COLORS. JGrrey’s name has been one which has excited many for a while and with a new EP on the horizon, we are expecting big things from her!

Stream ‘All For U’ below and keep your eyes peeled for a classic JGrrey visual coming soon!