Jeremy Kyle Show Cancelled By ITV

Jeremy Kyle

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been cancelled; a statement released by ITV confirmed. After the death of a man, Steven Dymond, who came on the show as a guest became viral, the channel’s been forced to get rid of the show against a huge online backlash.

Dymond, 63, took his own life on May 9 after doing arecording of the show, where he failed a lie detector test. Even though the recording was apparently not shown on TV, audience members of the episode say Dymond was visibly upset, “as soon as the test result was announced [Dymond] was already crying but he was shocked. The lie detector test was based on cheating, and his former fiancée has admitted that their split after going on the show triggered Dymond’s troubles.

The Jeremy Kyle show was, at one point, everyone’s favourite day-time drama, raking in over a million views per episode. The show’s main appeal, exposing mainly white working-class guests with topics like incest, cheating and drug abuse, somehow became a huge part of UK culture. Rapper Stormzy even made an appearance on the show back in 2017.

Now, the show’s being labelled as a toxic platform for exploiting mainly white, working-class guests. With all that’s gone on in the 14 years The Jeremy Kyle Show’s been aired, it’s not that shocking that it’s been cancelled. What’s surprising is that it’s taken this long for people to realise just how toxic the show actually was. It’s taken someone dying after being ridiculed on national television for people to realise there’s nothing entertaining about making fun of other people’s lives.

Though ITV originally cancelled the show because of online backlash, a lot of people on social media have now criticised the move.

One Twitter user compared the show to Love Island, reminding people that past contestants of the dating-show had committed suicide before, and its new season is due to be aired this summer. Another user argued that the day-time drama had actually helped his own brother become drug-free after a lifetime of addiction.  

While the reaction to the show being axed has ultimately been mixed, it’s likely we’ll see Jeremy Kyle on TV again soon, as ITV have stated they’ll “continue to work” with him on other projects.