Janet Devlin Faces X-Factor Axe


X factor Judge Kelly Rowland has issued a warning to contestant Janet Devlin that she must up her game in order to stay in the competion. Last Week Devlin gave her own rendition of Queens ‘Somebody To Love’ for which she received a barrage of negative comments from Mentor Kelly’s fellow judges Gary Barlow and Tulisa. Hardball Barlow explained after Devlin’s performances that she was boring and warned her that she needed to up her game if she was to remain in the competition.

Kelly Rowland has taken it upon herself to stage a secret meeting with Janet to prepare her for what could be a very stressful period for the Northern Irish teen sensation.

A source from the show has stated that ‘Kelly has told her she has to be ready to sing for her survival’. 

The unexpected announcement of former X factor Finalist Amelia Lily being reinstated into the competition has struck fear into the eyes of the other contestants and none more so than Janet. The powerful singer who many compare to a young Christina Aguilera has said that she is willing to fight for her place and will work even harder to prove she deserves to be in the competition.

This Saturday’s theme is Songs from the Movies which will no doubt give Janet a chance to impress the judges with a theme she is comfortable with. Should she forget any of the lines as she did last week or even fail to impress Barlow and Tulisa, this may be the end of Miss Devlin’s X factor experience. With Misha B being the name hotly tipped to be one of the contestants fighting for survival this week, will Janet fans stick with her? Or will they jump on board the Amelia Lily Express and leave her to fight for survival?

Shenahl Samarasinghe

Edited by Tanya Royes

  • Pauline

    Janet has been at the top of her game right from the start and has continued throughout. Well done Janet.