Izzie Gibbs finally unveils new ep ’96LS’


Rising star Izzie Gibbs has finally released his long awaited EP ’96Ls’ and it does not disappoint.

I have been a fan of Izzie Gibbs for a long time now, and he is just going from strength to strength. Since 2018 has begun, he has had a high content output, and been providing us with teasers of what is to come from the EP, and it is finally here!

It includes his two singles he has already released ‘Flaca’ and ‘Little Snitch’.

I must say my two favourites from the EP, after having an indepth listen this morning, is definitely ‘Felonies’. I am obsessed already! The production is so smooth, and his flow, on the first verse, is absolutely mad!

‘Guilty’ is also another favourite, with a different sort of vibe and message to, as Gibbs expresses his feelings for a woman that he loves who doesn’t ‘care if he’s guilty’. It’s a totally different riddim from the Northampton MC and the production allows him a backdrop for a different, more vibey gyaldem focused track.

Big up Izzie and the team for this 6 track EP, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching his come up, and genuinely this deserves the recognition so make sure you go and check the EP out and let me know what you think!

96L’s is now available to stream on all digital platforms!