Introducing ShaoDow: UK’s Ninja Warrior Rapper


ShaoDow is a UK-based independent rapper, signed to his own label DIY Gang Entertainment. He has dedicated his life to the practise of Kung Fu – as well as music. He applies the discipline and hard-working ethos inspired by Kung Fu (direct translation: ‘Hard Work’) to all his endeavours. He’s featured in Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth, performed with the likes of Tech N9ne and even won 2017s AIM Music Award for Hardest Working Artist. The South-East London musician combines complex lyricism with sharp literary techniques to create his unique sound.

But ShaoDow is much more than a rapper. He designs and sells his own merchandise range, headphones and manga comics all available on his site: His new single, Kaio-Ken came out earlier this month with a supporting Manga comic, titled シャウ道 The Way of Shao. See below to watch the music video. And check out his music, available on all digital platforms.

Following his appearance on ITV, ShaoDow will be going on a fully self-funded and self-booked tour. The Hard Work and Nunchucks tour will stop by Norwich, London and Derby, tickets are available now.

Alongside his career, his martial arts play a big role in his life. At 11, he came across the anime Dragon Ball Z while in the US and became fascinated by the practise. Just 2 days before the application deadline, he successfully applied to ITV’s Ninja Warrior. He trained 7 days a week at various locations in the UK to appear on the ‘toughest obstacle course on TV’ and will appear in tonight’s episode. Make sure to watch Ninja Warrior tonight at 6:30pm.

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