#INTERVIEW Z Dot: The man behind the beats


 Behind every grime song you’ll find a sick beat. Now the chances are very high that Z Dot has made that beat. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to interview the man himself, as we talk about his new Ep ‘Golden Boot’, his work with Wiley and his creation of Stormzy’s ‘Know Me From.’

Sit back relax and get to know Z Dot.

How are you doing Zdot?

All good, glad i’ve finally started releasing music from my new ‘Golden Boot’ EP! with ‘Coasting’ featuring Wiley and my new single ‘Flex On You’ feat. Hare Squead

Zdot beats are like gold in the scene, but what’s the best track you’ve made and why?

Appreciate that! It’s hard to narrow it down to 1 but my favourite tracks i’ve produced are – Stormy ‘Know Me From’ i feel like that track along with a few others which we’re released around that time took ‘Grime’ to a new place! I’ve seen the biggest mosh pits ever to that track!
– Bugzy Malone ‘Relegation Riddim’, Not many people had heard of Bugzy Malone before this track, The numbers that it done on Youtube within a few days were crazy!
– Wiley ‘ Call The Shots feat. JME’, me and Wiley have a wicked vibe and even though we’ve made 50+ tracks, every time we link up it’s a banger! Him and JME absolutely smashed it!

How much has grime played a part on your music?

Grime has played a massive part in my music as it’s the genre I’m most known for and the Genre that i’ve had the most success in. The energy in Grime is unique to any other music in the world, it’s very much our own thing in the UK!

 When I’m picking my favourite beat, it’s hard to look past ‘Gully’ it’s a match made in musical heaven, the beat, the lyrics from Bugzy, how did you feel making this?

It’s a strong instrumental, definitely one of my most popular beats. Bugzy smashed the vocals on it and it racked up some impressive views on Youtube. Also check out Jaykae’s vocal on this beat ‘Certain Man’, he done a madness as well!

What does the rest of 2018 hold for Zdot?

Just released my new project ‘Golden Boot’ EP, I’ll be dropping new videos from that during the next few months
More releases from my label ‘101 Music’
And tracks with some of the best artists in the UK

What inspires you to make music?

I love to create, music is a great way of expressing yourself and i love seeing the reactions from people when they 1st hear a new track i’ve produced whether it’s at a festival, in the studio or somewhere else

 You and Krunchie did a madness on Kamakaze’s EP ‘Facts Not Fiction’ was this one of your favourite projects?

Definitely! Kamakaze is one of the most talented artists in the UK, it was great to work on a full project with him. People expected us to make a EP full of Grime bangers, we obviously had those on there in ‘No Days Off’, ‘2 Double 0’ & ‘Spirits’ but the EP showcases his versatility on other sounds along with mine and Krunchie’s production.

Eyez ‘Top Boy’ seriously man how do you find the time to make the best music?

Haha, I’m always in the studio working! Check out the full ‘Square One’ mixtape with Eyez as well, so many bangers on there! There’s a lot more music coming on route and a lot more to achieve

Your top 3 MC’s in the game right now and why?

• Bugzy Malone – Consistent bangers and delivers quality projects
• Wiley – Best flows in the game and the hardest working MC i know
• Eyez – He’s super versatile & my favourite MC when it comes to freestyles

 What age did music become important to you?

I started playing the drums when i was 8, at 14 my school realised i had a special talent with Music and hired someone from outside the school to teach me ‘Music Technology’, the first software i used was Cubase and i started composing from then.. I produced Ghetts ‘Artillery’ when i was 17 made several tracks with Wiley by the time i was 18/19, the people around me we’re super gassed as not many people from West London had worked with the top Mc’s in Grime back then and I Knew i wanted Music to be my career

Are producers getting the credit they deserve?

In the last few years i think the respect of Producers has risen, a lot more producers are becoming artists and releasing bangers, forcing people to take them as serious as the rappers and singers. Whether it’s enough credit, I’m not sure but it’s definitely rising.

You’re a spurs fan, so you’re used to putting on the pressure, but what’s the most pressure you’ve been put under in regard to making music?

Low blows haha.. I’ve been in a few situations where i’ve been under serious pressure to deliver files/mixes for tight deadlines. I think in terms of studio, working with top artists and writers from the states is probably more pressure as they work much quicker in general.

Your favourite beats you’ve made and why?

• ‘Dirty Date’, When i released this beat i hadn’t heard a grime track like this before, it had a very dark aggressive tone but was energetic for MC’s to spit on.. It ended up being vocally by Wiley ‘Creating A Buzz’, Ghetts ‘Intro’ (Calm Before The Storm), Lauren Mason ‘Dirty Money’, Merky Ace ‘I’ll Never Quit’ and many others.
• ‘NINJA’ the Instrumental for Stormzy ‘Know Me From’ & Wiley ‘BMO Field’

 Without music what would you be doing?

Couldn’t imagine anything else but Probably something within Sport or Film/TV as they’re my other passions