#INTERVIEW Sneakbo talks ‘Brixton’ and more!


Last night, on the 1st of March, I was invited to the Relentless studios, on Denmark street, to come to Sneakbo’s launch party ahead of his album ‘Brixton’ dropping today, and a chance to interview the man himself! The energy was electric from the moment I walked into the room, everybody eagerly awaiting Sneakbo’s arrival.

As someone who has been a fan of Sneakbo from young, and grown up listening to him, it was a real honour to share the night with him and get a chance to speak with him. His girlfriend came straight over to me, and his manager, and they were so friendly, and made me feel at home, instructed me to take advantage of the free bar, and that the rapper wouldn’t be much longer. It was clear that the room was filled with his friends and family, and everyone was in good spirits as they waited for him to show up. Mingling through the crowd, and making new friends as always, I soaked up the atmosphere.

There was a DJ premiering his album, and I got a chance to hear some of his album ‘Brixton’ ahead of its drop at midnight. I must say you guys are all in for such a treat, he has some class songs on there, some brilliant features. 13 of the songs are produced by Lekaa beats as well, so you know you are in for some bangers. Make sure you listen and stream the album which is out now on all digital platforms! Sneakbo was friendly, humble and an absolute pleasure to interview, make sure you scroll down to read what we chatted about, it’s safe to say we had a good laugh.

Alice: ‘Brixton’ drops tomorrow – what can we expect from it?
Sneakbo: Brixton drops tomorrow, you can expect bangers, club bangers, bangers when you’re chilling, if you are in a relationship, you know the one with Connor Maynard? That’s for you and your girlfriend.
Alice: I am so excited for that one, when I saw that on the tracklist, I thought, wow that’s a different kind of move, but I like him a lot. It’s a big move for him, I’m excited for that.
Sneakbo: Yeah man, definitely, it’s a banger.
There is a lot of versatility in your music, you were one of the first to incorporate dance hall and Afro beats blends into your rapping and music, what sound can we expect from ‘Brixton’?
Sneakbo: It is definitely going to be versatile, and have bashment and afrobeats on it and I have two or three drill songs on there, it is going to be emotional. I have singers on the hook, I am even singing myself. *laughs*
I love when rappers sing, and it isn’t what they usually do, they normally do it for a special song that means something for them. Eminem did it with ‘Hailies song’, a song about his daughter.
Sneakbo: Yeah trust me, even 50 cent has, everyone has done it.

Alice: Did you have to overcome any challenges during the process of making ‘Brixton’?
Sneakbo: The only difficulty was selecting the tracklist, and narrowing it down. Every other bit, I enjoyed, the late nights, sleeping in the studio, not going home,
Alice: (joking with his manager and him) I wonder if your girlfriend enjoyed that!
Sneakbo: (laughing) To be honest, sometimes she was sleeping in the studio with me! We would get into arguments, that’s the only stress I had, other than that, the music bit, I loved, I loved making ‘Brixton’!

Alice: How do you work out who to ask to feature on a track? Like Conor Maynard for instance?
Sneakbo: Alright basically, with this album, I didn’t even have to ask anyone, Conor Maynard once came into the studio, one night, he was a bit tipsy, it was 3 o’clock in the morning, he was coming back from a club, and we were all just vibing, and my producer was playing the beat, and he said ‘this beat is hard, I’ve got something for it’ and that’s how that came about. The track with Giggs, Giggs hit me up, he said he had the maddest beat, and he could hear me and him on it, Not3s, my producer was a fan of Not3s, I’m a fan of Not3s as well, and he just bought him to the studio, so that’s how that came about.
Alice: Not3s is a big fan of you as well, he said that recently when asked, that you were one of his favourite artists growing up.
Sneakbo: Yeah Not3s is my guy. I didn’t have to really ask for features, it all happened naturally, but I would have definitely asked those people anyway because I rate them.

Alice: Who would be your ideal UK collaboration? Someone you have not worked with yet? I know you have worked with some incredible people, I know that Stormzy just said on twitter that you were a UK Rap legend, would that be someone you would be interested in working with?
Sneakbo: Definitely, I would definitely work with Stormzy, and probably Skepta.
Alice: What about from the U.S? Obviously Drake has been a fan from early!
Sneakbo: I would definitely love to do a song with Drake, but a song that would be VERY important to me, would be a song that would be with Meek Mill, he’s like Tupac to me.

 Alice: If you had to pin point three career highlights so far what would they be?
Sneakbo: Number 1, I went to Brixton prison recently, to do some music stuff with the people that are in jail, number 2 would definitely be performing at Wembley, that was one of my biggest shows. And also I was in Jamie Foxx’s house recently.
Alice: I saw that on instagram, I was like what is going on!
Sneakbo: (laughing) That day I didn’t even expect that one. That came out of no where
Alice: What’s he like?
Sneakbo: He’s cool, he’s calm, he’s funny, probably like how he comes across in films, to be honest.

Alice: If you had to give advice to anyone what would you say?
Sneakbo: It would be chase your dreams, don’t let anyone bring you down, if you fail, keep going again, and one day you will make it to wherever you want to be.

Listen to ‘Brixton’ below: