#INTERVIEW with Desiigner as he talks all things ‘L.O.D’


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing  rapper and singer songwriter, Desiigner the day of his EP, L.O.D. dropping, and what an honour it was.

By 19 years old he had got to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with his smash hit ‘Panda’ which has got over 272 million views on YouTube and been sampled by Kanye West on his ‘Life Of Pablo’ album. He had a fantastic energy about him and it was really great to talk to him.

Alice: ‘You achieved number 1 on the Hot Billboard 100 charts, at the age of 19 with your hit ‘Panda’, it is incredibly inspiring. Did you feel pressure after that, to keep making music to get to number 1?
Desiigner: I make music for fun, I love making music, I don’t feel pressure to go to number 1, it’s still getting hits, I have a number one coming real soon, I cant wait for y’all to press the button and keep playing my music.

Alice: You tweeted in february that your project ‘New English iiS The Old Me Y’all Really Gonna Hear The Change’, what do you think is different about ‘L.O.D.’ to ‘New English’?
Desiigner: The clarity in the voice is different, the evolution of my melodies, controlling my voice with the song ‘Destination’, Desiigner is just really growing, there’s also a different message in my music. I made a lot of my music in Hawaii in the same place Kanye recorded ‘808s and Heartbreak’, (Avex Recording Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii). We definitely played on the vowels in this music, the A letter stands out so much in the song ‘Panda’, I believe certain things in a track can make you physically move, for example the letter R, can make the head roll and the body feel something.

Alice:Was it a conscious decision to not feature any other artists on ‘L.O.D’?

Desiigner: Definitely, I wanted everyone to get a fresh opinion of me, I didn’t want them to keep comparing me, and I didn’t want anybody to think I needed somebody to make the song better.

Alice: You have been compared often to Future, is this what you are referring to?

Desiigner: Yeah man, I’m just me.

Alice: Why did you choose to drop the project without any release date, was this on purpose?

Desiigner: I knew everybody was waiting to hear from Desiigner, it was my 21st birthday, I knew it would be an exciting day, people are going to notice that on top of that, shout out everyone who made it happen, I had such a dope night last night.

*interview is interrupted as there’s police sirens in the background, and Desiigner says ‘Sorry, they’re just police sirens, it’s always the way from where I’m from in Brooklyn’
I laugh and assure him it’s no different to where I’m from in South East London. * 

Alice: ‘HOOD’ is my favourite track off of the EP, what was the thought behind it?

Desiigner: On the Christmas that just passed, one of my friends, had passed away, he got shot, in our old neighbourhood, I had to talk about that, even being a kid, I got shot at 14, two blocks away from my house, and then he got shot two blocks away from my house. It’s just crazy from the East coast to the West coast, that message of love needs to be spread. Death is not the solution.

Alice: Do you listen to much UK rap, if so who is your favourite, or someone you would be interested in working with?

Desiigner: Shout out my brother Abracadabra, any time I go to London I see Abracadabra, and we turn up in the club, he is a great man, he is real, he is my brother. Me and Abracadabra already have a track, and we’re going to drop it real soon, we’re finishing the production side, it’s going to be crazy, it’s called ‘Urgent’. Shout out Abracadabra.

Thank you to Desiigner for a brilliant interview and relaxed chat on the phone, he was so friendly and humble, and just a very charming, guy (telling me I was his favourite interviewer and laughing about the sirens in the Brooklyn area). 

Make sure to go and listen to his new EP ‘L.O.D’.