#Interview Jammz: Talks About The Future And His Goals


The grime scene is a beautiful thing, it can change so much as new artists come forward and stake their claim. But, one thing that doesn’t change and that’s talent and rapper Jammz has plenty of talent. Check out Link Up TV’s exclusive interview with the ‘Everything Dead’ rapper down below.

How are you feeling bro? thank you for doing this interview?

I’m very calm right now bro. Definitely the most focussed I’ve been for a while, Its feels good I can’t lie.

I was front row at Southampton for Red Bull Music’s Roadblock, you killed it, what was that like?

Red Bull Road block was so sick – Shouts to TQD and Elijah & Skilliam. That’s the first time I’ve really been part of a surprise outdoor event like that and to see the way it went off in the end was amazing. Was good to actually meet people who connect with the type of music that we make directly. To do that on such sort notice just shows me that the power and reach of what our genres doing is getting bigger by day so it was good to see the response it got

‘Everything Dead’ is easily becoming one of your best songs my g, but what’s your favourite song and why?

Respect! You know what I’m not even going to lie my Percy is a song called Lemonade Man, it’s not even out yet but I promise it’s a BANGER, I’m telling you. I’d say its my favourite because of the way the song was made. I literally made a four bar loop and the lyrics just came. I actually wrote the words before I built the song – that’s very rare for me so when that happens I know it’s a special one.

 What was it like supporting Kano on his Made in The Manor UK tour? And what did you take from it?

Undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life so far. I’d definitely say it was a monumental moment for me – The first MC I listened to was Kano so to end up on his tour 10+ years later just shows that the progress is there. Taught me the importance of staying on top of your game day in and day out. The amount of discipline it takes to do that is mental but if you can master that way of thinking you’ll be alright

What’s your goals for the rest of 2018?

Build the label. I Am Grime Is The Label

 Best bars you’ve ever spat and why?

Couldn’t tell you tbh, I’ve got too many – but if I had to pick I’d say “No Remorse” – Because I really mean it.

3 artists you’d like to collaborate with and why?

Todd Edwards – His style of production is something that’s inspired me over the years

James Blake – Im a big fan of his production, his musics very different from what I normally listen to but I find his music has a very high quality to it;

Supercat – simply because I’ve been brought up and Reggae and Dancehall, have to get him on a hook one day for real

 Who inspired you to get into music the most?

Would have to list a few different people here. Firstly my Dad. He’s a musician, so when I was very young I was around instruments and computers very early on. My mum was a music collector, she had loads of vinyl she collected in the 80s before I was born, and when I was growing up she was really into garage so that sparked my interests. From there I caught onto So Solid, and then from there More Fire Crew, but a majority of that credit for me has to go to Nasty Crew. They were the ones who really inspired me to start writing my own lyrics. I feel like as a new MC growing up on Nasty Crew radio sets there was a lot to learn from. Kano had the crazy song writing skills, Sharky had deeper lyricism, and D Double had vibes, that’s not to mention Jammer, Armour and the rest of the Macs.

What other hobbies do you have besides music?

Design is a big hobby of mine, which is sick cos it feeds back into my music, whether that’s clothing, product design or just branding, that’s something I spend a lot of time doing.

 How’s the record label ‘I Am Grime’ going bro?

Very well actually, a lot going on behind the scenes but its going to be launching in a big way very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that

 What’s your take on clash battling? Do you enjoy doing them, do you want to do more of them?

I think its good; it challenges you as a lyricist – if you’re really about the sport then you’ll appreciate the skillset you need to do it, I just don’t agree with clashing for the sake of it. DO it for a reason init.

Finally bro, Where is Jammz going to be in ten years’ time?

Still here – Running the game bro.