#INTERVIEW D Double E talks Grime, pirate radio and more!


On the crazy merry-go-round of life, you can find yourself in a situation that is so surreal, that it makes you question the very ethos of life itself. If you told me last year that one day I’d be interviewing the legendary D Double E, i’d laugh in your face. But last Thursday it all happened at the Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton. Sitting in a lobby that was similar to the one in Home Alone 2, I waited nervously for it all to go wrong. But a couple of minutes passed and down came D Double E, the face of humility, I was completely humbled by his attitude, and found myself interviewing Mr Bluku Bluku himself.

I owe many people blessings for making this happen, but a special thanks is needed for the team at Red Bull Music, these guys put so much effort and they are the real MVP’s. Check out the exclusive interview with D Double E down below.

What does grime mean to you on a personal level?

It me, it’s where I’m from. it’s where I was born, it’s London you know? It’s like Jamaica with its reggae, it’s just who I am.

The transition between pirate radio and your music today is massive, are you best artist you can be ?

you’re never at your best, you can always do better.

You’re song Street Fighter Riddim Is one of my favorites, but in your opinion what’s your favorite you’ve made and why?

um it’s different reasons really, because when I’m performing these songs on stage, I get to feel them, to feel how the vibe ls. So with a song like ‘Bad to the Bone’ when I’m performing that it’s something I can get into. But, when I do a song like ‘Lovely Jubbly.’ Its like Lovely Jubbly you got my money, it’s something you can sing along with me (Points at me), and when I perform that i have fire and I feel good, I feel like wagwan this is my beat, it’s not like you’re vain is popping and that, and I enjoy feeling good, so I have tunes I like to perform and tunes that I like to hear.

Bluku Bluku is a certified classic, but let’s say that you were remaking it today, who would you get to feature with you?

Now that’s one of my favorites (laughter), umm probably Kano, yeah for sure.

We have to talk about ‘Nang’ what a song man, the visuals are very stylish, what was it like to shoot?

Yeah man it was fun. it was certainly fun to shoot, on set like it was mad and the video came out sick.

What does the rest of 2018 hold for D Double E?

Well I got my album coming out, got Jackuum coming soon, and it’s gonna be special.

I heard AJ Tracey is on a track?

yeah man, that one’s gonna be good.


D Double E spitting bars at Red Bull Roadblock

Currently can you name me 3 artists you’d like to work with in the UK?

um I’d like to work with Skrapz, and Giggs. The third one’s hard I need to think about it bro. (Long pause) I’m gonna have to say Stormzy.

Is grime at its strongest right now?

Yeah man grime is going good,  you’re never going to get rid of it, it’s where were from. I mean there’s a difference between following grime and being inspired by it, and getting inspiration from the scene is very important. It’s like this is Jamaica blood we have our own thing, and it’s the same with USA and hip-hop, in England we have grime.

Talking about the USA, any artists you’d like to work with over the pond?

For sure man, Someone like Asap Ferg, and you can’t forget Asap Rocky.

My last question and most important, are Red Bull letting you keep the whip? 

jheeeeze, they would probably give it to me if I throw them some bags.

The Red Bull whip being guarded by hench security

So yeah at this moment i lost all professionalism and just started telling D Double E how much of a fan I was. It was an amazing day in Southampton, and getting to witness Red Bull Music Roadblock was a great experience.


Crazed fan with D Double E