Interview Big Zeus – The Man From Romford Is On A Mission


If lightning bolts were bars then Zeus would be winning, this guy has one of the sickest flows around and he is ready to grab the scene and beat it into submission.

 How are you doing man? Thanks for doing this interview on such short notice

I’m good bro, thank you for the opportunity the pleasure is all mine.

You have such a sick flow, but what was your inspirations growing up?

Many things inspired me growing up. Obviously the usual “my surroundings” always comes up in any rappers interview, but more the fact that I wanted to achieve something to get away from those surroundings. Music is a form of expression in many different ways so it’s always been that way for me. Musically – my inspirations have got to be Ghetts, Wiley, and Devlin. Growing up was around the time when F**k Radio was making a mark, and Wiley was beefing Devlin, them 3 was all over my playlists. The main inspiration thought out of them 3 would have to be Ghetts.

How important is grime to you on a personal level?

Personally, It’s not just grime every day for me. Music as a whole is my whole life I suppose. I gave everything to it at such a young age and sacrificed various different aspects of my own life while chasing something I love. Grime though… that’s my foundations. That’s the building blocks and to see it come so far is overwhelming to me for real. I remember back when I first started writing grime lyrics and it used to get laughed at and there was always this stigma about grime being “all about stabbing and shooting” but look at grime now! Skepta came from gunshot riddem to being an official Chief. Wiley receiving an MBE. All of that is just so much inspiration for me to keep pushing.

‘Letter to GK’ is a great example of your talent, is this one of your favourites?

For those that don’t know… I used to go by the name GK up until mid 2017. I felt like id outlived the name and couldn’t push it any further so had to rebrand myself, then when I did I still felt there was  unanswered “demons” shall we say, that needed to be addressed. Then comes “Letter to GK”. I wouldn’t personally say it was one of my favourites. It’s certainly up there though because of what it means and portrays.

3 artists you’d like to work with and why?

Ghetts –

purely for the amount of inspiration I got from him as a younger, and the energy levels he brings to absolutely anything he touches.

James Arthur-

I’ve always had a thing for acoustic music and writing to it. I just think we could make an absolute banger.

Tom Jones –

Tom Jones and a grime artist…. It’s never been done. Could it work? Who knows. Tom… bell me.

Where are you from bro? let’s give the people a picture
Romford, Essex. There’s not much to say about it to be honest. It’s not quite east London buy it’s not quite Essex beauty. It’s a dump.


How did you come up with the name Big Zeus?

Zeus is just such a powerful name. I wanted something with a bit of clout behind it and a bit of strength and nothing’s stronger than Zeus. I just added the big at the start cause Zeus is s bit boring, plus I’m not exactly a small bloke.

 Where do you wanna be in 10 years time?
Comfortable. Own my own home, not living week to week.

‘I don’t know’ has a nice vibe to it man, what was it like to make?
It was a random one really. I heard the beat a few weeks prior and it just kept popping up on my playlist and every time I heard it I liked it a little more. I was in studio with DJ Simmi and we hit a brick wall with ideas so I played the beat, as soon as I heard it in the studio that’s when everything fell into place and I just came up with the hook straight away in one take, then patterned the verses around it. I think from start to finish it only took around an hour for everything to be wrapped up and onto the mixdown and master. It was a really comfortable one to make to be honest and Simmi just kept gassing me up about it throughout the whole session recording it.

 What’s your favourite grime bar ever spat by an MC?

Lately deaths been getting ever so close,
Been feeling spirits when I’m driving I should get me a ghost
Growing up I didn’t know the difference between the road and my home,
Now I’m grown I’m Tryina buy every home on my road – Wretch 32

That S**t…. That’s inspiration in a bar.

 What’s three things you couldn’t do without?

Truthfully…. my family (blood and “extended”), the music, and the hunger to strive for greatness. Them three things make me the man I am today and I owe everything to them. Without my family i wouldn’t of pulled through half the situations I’ve dealt with. Without the music id be a very different person to the man you know, ive used it to help me through some tough times, some dark times and it’s also contributed to some of my most golden moments in life. And without the hunger for success, I’d just be another PAYE employee number on a payroll doing shift work chasing someone else’s dream for the rest of my life coming home, eating, showering, sleeping and doing the whole circle again the next day. I want greater than that, as should everybody else. Strive to be something bigger than your surroundings.