#Interview: A sit down with Ramz


Following the release of his track ‘Barking’ which went viral instantly, life has changed significantly for 20-year-old Ramone Rochester. We had a sit down with Ramz to talk the process, touring with Lotto Boyz and more.

“I actually started music when I was in primary school,” he explains. “I would mess around with different things and I used to record myself on my mums video recorder! Around secondary school I’d say I found my side properly and yeah…”

His track ‘Barking’ which has amassed over 7 million views on YouTube and over 2 million streams was an instant viral hit and was a moment early in Ramz’s musical career where he released this could be something huge. “I think back to making the song all the time, I remember going to studio and thinking let me record this song. I remember that day I didn’t finish the song but something told me before I left that wait… this is a banger, I should finish it. “ When asked if the song was based on a true story, he explained with a cheeky grin on his face: “Yep, definitely a true story. It’s actually a mix of two girls” he laughs. “I did link a girl from Barking but she wasn’t Portugese, that’s someone else haha, so a fusion.”

Off the back of the success of the track, Ramz has had the opportunity to tour with Birmingham duo Lotto Boyz as well as various appearances at shows including Cadet’s sold out London show. “It’s been crazy and overwhelming,” he reflects. “It’s one of the best feelings though. It’s a shock when you look at the crowd and realise that rah… people really fuck with this song! I knew the song was a banger but actually witnessing people sing it word for word in real life is mad.”

A recent post on Ramz’s Instagram showed him posing with a group of young fans who recognized him at his local KFC. “I was just ordering my food… I remember my mum went to the toilet with my sister so they didn’t see me get clocked, they came out and were like ‘What’s going on?!’ my mum actually thought there was a fight,” he laughs. “But it was young kids who were fans! It was a good moment for me. It was nice for my mum to see that kids younger than me are supporting too.”

The success of Ramz’s ‘Barking’ song came fast and hard, prior to the song blowing up he was studying Sports Development at university. “It was this summer that I decided uni wasn’t for me. The decision was made aside from music to be honest, I didn’t have the energy for university and it wasn’t right for me. Luckily, the music blowing up came at the right time. I was applying for so many jobs and getting declined everywhere… I just happened to get a job at Sainsbury’s and then the song just blew up. All good timing, I’m here now.” For many young artists, finding a way to get by whilst working on their craft can be difficult. “The best advice I can give is, plan what you want to do from the start of your journey. Think wild! If you think wild and outside the box the best things will happen to you. Everything I’ve done had a reason and thought process behind it,” advices Ramz.

When talking inspirations and dream collaborations, Ramz told me his dream collaboration would be with Travis Scott. “In terms of inspirations, I’d have to say 50 Cent for obvious reasons. Outside of music though, I’d say Coco Jones – she was on a Disney Channel film but she’s taken it to another level! She took a step out her comfort zone into something new and she’s killing it,” he says. 

So what’s next for Ramz? “I’ve actually got more music coming this month! So keep your eyes peeled for things coming soon. Next year I think my main aim is to be on project mode, so an EP or mixtape.” We’re excited to see what Ramz comes out with next, in the meantime hit play on ‘Barking’ below which is now available on all digital streaming services.