#INTERVIEW A sit down with Big Tobz ahead of his new EP ‘Still Winning’

big tobz - still winning

Ahead of his brand new EP ‘Still Winning’ I had a sit down with East London rapper Big Tobz. We spoke on his difficult year last year, and getting over some lows, and the anticipation and excitement ahead of the new project.

 Alice: The incident that occurred last year, in which you were attacked, has been well documented. You seem to have a positive outlook and have not let that hold you back, what pulled you out of that dark place and motivated you to keep going?
Big Tobz: Like I said in the documentary, a lot of the support from the fans, it gave me momentum, it kind of made me think it could have been worse. I’m still here, I’m alive, I can still do this thing that I love and as long as long as I am able, I am obviously going to try do it to the best I can.
Alice: So you would say your fans pulled you through?
Big Tobz: Yeah of course, of course, that is why my EP is called ‘Still Winning’ because even though I went through it, I still came out on top, I’m still winning and I’m still grinding.’

Alice: You said in your online documentary that ‘God gave his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers’, does faith keep you strong?
Big Tobz: Yeah, 100%. I don’t go to church regularly, I’m not religious like that, I’m more spiritual.

Alice: If you had to pin point career highlights so far, what would you say they were?
Big Tobz: It was definitely last year’s festival season, doing Wireless, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, that was crazy, obviously I had never done it before.
Alice: What was your favourite festival?
Big Tobz: Reading you know, Reading was the most lit.
Alice: What else has been a highlight?
Big Tobz: Probably my first headline show, to be honest. I’ve had so many highlights, I’ll say those two for now.

Alice: Who would be your ideal person to do a track with from the UK?
Big Tobz: Probably Giggs you know.. The Landlord. Yeah probably Giggs.
Alice: Why Giggs? Because he’s a legend?
Big Tobz: Because he’s a legend yeah, and he kind of broke through with this hardcore rap stuff and I respect what he does.

Alice: What about from the US?
Big Tobz: Chris Brown you know. He’s just sick.

Alice: What do you think of the US shedding light on the UK Urban music scene?
Big Tobz: We need that innit, America is massive so if America is embracing it then other people will. Look at Big Shaq, that’s gone crazy, it definitely helps.

Alice: What can we expect from the new EP ‘Still Winning’? So you’re back and you are still winning?
Big Tobz: I’m back, I’m still winning. Amazing music. A lot of my thoughts, a lot of vibes, a lot of different kinds of sound. I feel like I found my sound on this EP, it’s exciting, it’s versatile, I feel like there is a tune on there that everyone can enjoy. One Night Only is the single from the new EP too which you guys have already heard.
Alice: I can’t wait to hear,you have the launch party next week?
Big Tobz: Yeah, next Thursday is my EP Launch 1st of February at Ace Hotel, big up Pardon My Blog for making that happen. I’ll be performing some new songs and bringing some special guests.

It was great to sit and chat to Big Tobz and hear about his new EP ‘Still Winning’ which will be out a week today, on the 2nd February. Make sure you buy it and also get tickets for the EP Launch party next Thursday by clicking here