How can you not respect Stormzy?


Isn’t it funny when the person you least expect to succeed, succeeds? I mean we’ve all been there in school when the dopiest, most distracted guy/girl in class got the highest grade, right?. You’re in surprise and shock as he/she has a confused look on their face. No matter what though, how can you not respect them?

That’s the same question I ask when Stormzy comes into the conversation, not to say that he’s directly comparable to the exact example but we’ll get there. I feel he’s surpassed a rise to fame and it’s more of a ‘road man superhero’. Say what you want to say about Stormzy, “he’s blacker than midnight”, “he looks like Lukaku and Emile Heskey” or “his hairline looks like an airplane.”

Despite all of the above seemingly random criticisms Stormzy still managed to become the first Grime (not exclusively Grime, we know) artist to grab the coveted number 1 spot on the Uk official charts with an independent album.

His success is something I imagine every rapper admires or aspires to emulate in their respective music careers. Come on! Who doesn’t want a sponsorship from Adidas, co-signs from Adele, shutting down Coachella and winning a BET award amongst other incredible achievements and awards he’s picked up along his journey so far.

For someone that’s been doing music for less than 10 years, at 23 years of age Mr. Skeng is definitely doing quite well for himself. He’s got the fliest chick in the game as well, presenter Maya Jama. I respect Stormzy so much I can’t even lust after her, even though she is fine as hell! You’ve got to love Stormzy, even if you don’t love his bars or his music, he’s the best on social media as well!

His latest venture sees the remarkable talent jump on a track with the legendary Linkin Park and revered lyricist Pusha T. His first major collab in my opinion was with Nick Jonas, which didn’t get much noise. However, this collab has really set him apart from most rappers in the UK and worldwide. It’s not everyday you go from rapping in a park to being featured by one of the biggest artists in the world.

I ask again, how can you not respect Stormzy?