Hardest Giggs Features That AREN’T ‘Man Don’t Care’

Giggs - Landlord

Giggs’ highly anticipated fourth album ‘Landlord‘ dropped today, and to celebrate – this week, we at Link Up are running tonnes of Giggs related content. First up; all the times he killed his features:


Mikill Pane Feat. Giggs – ‘Start Again’

First up is Mikill Pane with ‘Start Again‘. The woozy instrumental is perfect for Giggs to open the track with his comedic take on massacres. Also look out for Giggs in cheesy grin mode.

‘Man be taking out culprits, man be walking all cooperate/ man can’t offer man no pill, man be taking out morpheus/’


Espa Feat. Giggs – ‘Swan Song’

In a  surprising change of pace for Giggs he teamed up with Espa for ‘Swan Song‘. The Hollowman persona takes a backseat here, allowing Giggs to discuss a dissolved relationship. Flatbush Zombies fans will recognise the name Erick Arc Elliot, who produced the beat and is also one third of the New York rap group.

‘we couldn’t meet, she couldn’t sleep/ never made a promise I couldn’t keep/ told her I’d address it and we wouldn’t speak/ and when she’s’ undressing said I wouldn’t peep/’


Casisdead Feat. GiggsWhat’s My Name?’ (Remix)

The mysterious Casisdead snatched up Giggs for the back and forth that is ‘What’s My Name? (Remix)‘. Spoiler: Giggs has hairline issues same as the rest of us.

‘No talking, it’s Mr Slap/ got a mad hairline so it’s Mr Hat/’ 


Tinie Tempah Feat. Giggs – ‘Look At Me

Taken from Tinie’s unfairly slept on ‘Junk Food’ mixtape, ‘Look At Me’ sees Giggs back in Hollowman form, despite that fact that serenading the ladies. In full screwface mode he goes back to back, even making Tinie take a little second hand aggression in the process.

‘Phone call, got a little phone call, Yeah nigga got a little phone call/ Say that she been waiting up for hours, And if you don’t get your pussy it’s your own fault/’


Charlie Sloth Feat. Potter Payper & Giggs – ‘We Dem Niggas’

Charlie Sloth dropped his compilation album ‘Hood Heat: Vol. 2’ and gave Potter Payper one of his hardest tunes to date. Naturally he brought Giggs along to rattle off a wall of bars, with barely a chorus to stop proceedings. Thankfully, as Potter’s not exactly the first person you think of when you think: ‘who dem niggas?’

‘Better listen when a boss talk/ get you off guard, nigga on the off chance/ man’ll pop pop niggas then we bop past/ watch them little cop shop niggas in the cop car/


Skrapz Feat. Giggs – ‘Round Here

Skrapz has one of the best flows in the game and who better to add to menace of Skrapz‘ ‘Round Here‘ than Hollowman. The two are such a no brainer combo it’s a wonder they haven’t put out a project together.

‘Observe them niggas, I’ve got that third eye/ I’ve got worthy niggas, they know I earnt’ mine/ Turn them triggers and let them birds cry/ Man’ll burn them niggas, we’re hitting birds-eye/’


Fekky Feat. Giggs – ‘Gossip

Fekky is pretty happy to admit he doesn’t care about being the most lyrical rapper and just wants to make hits and be the best. Well that idea went out the window here as he his verse on ‘Gossip‘ sees him doing the most damage; then of course…Giggs..

‘They call me Rap Dan, I’m the mascot/put the blap blap in the rucksack, Then put the rucksack in the stash spot/ Look what the cat dragged, what the cat got/ We’re cooking that crack in the crackpot’/


Footsie Feat. Giggs – ‘Hot Water

There’s not much to say about this feature; it’s just one of the best of the year. Giggs rhymes with a sound effect. Entire lyrics after vid.

Ok, read this and let me know how this isn’t top 5 verses of the year.


67 Feat. Giggs –  ‘Lets Lurk’

‘Let’s Lurk‘ was clearly a hit before Giggs verse; but the way he just seems like the fifth member of the gang makes his verse essential.

‘Get lowdown, tell a man straight/ man already know, 67 and H/ 3,4,5,6,7 man rolled up, three .45, 67 man ate/’


Kano Feat. Giggs – ‘3 Wheel Ups

Kano is one of the best and highly influential lyricists in the scene. His album ‘Made In The Manor‘ is one of the most solid albums we’ve had from the scene in years. And despite an amazing first verse Kano’s second verse does sound like he heard Giggs and felt he needed to go even harder. Giggs is actually working with two different flows and jumps between them every 8 bars. It’s really impressive and most importantly sounds nuts. Best feature since ‘Man Don’t Care

Again, here are the bars, see for yourself.

Anyway those are our favourites, what are yours? Anything we left out? Hit us up and stay tuned for more Giggs content.

Also makes sure you cop ‘Landlord’ today! available in all good record shops and and digital outlets. Buy, stream or preview it on iTunes here.