Grime songs as movies – Meet Sophia Tassew

Sophia Tassew Art

Have you ever listened to a song and imagined what it’d be like as a movie?

London artist and grime enthusiast Sophia Tassew combines her passion to create movie-style posters of your favourite grime songs!

Speaking to Link Up TV she explains that ‘My idea simply comes from my love of the things I’m passionate about. I’m a music head and film nerd so I merged the two to create this series of art. I really wanted to create this as I haven’t seen it done before. I’m really keen on coming up with new concepts and reinventing things. I’m all about incorporating the culture into my art which is why I’m so happy a lot of people have been engaging with my work!’

Here are some our favourites:

1) Skepta – ‘Konnichiwa’

Konnichiwa Sophia Tassew art

2) Stormzy –‘Scary’

Stormzy Scar y Sophia tassew art

3) Krept & Konan – ‘Freak Of The Week’ ft Jeremih

Freak of The Week Sophia Tassew art

4) BBK –‘Too Many Man’

too many man

Sophia is also an art director at art agency FCB Inferno based in Covent Garden.

To keep up with her work and see more follow her on Twitter!