Grime Originals Club Night With Sharky Major, Jammer, Bruza And Lethal Bizzle A Success


Now in its fifth event, Sharky Major’s Grime Originals rave has succeeded in bringing back the essence of Grime. The MC of N.A.S.T.Y Crew fame has enlisted the talent of Grime’s genesis artists including DJ Target, Flowdan, Chronik, Maxwell D, and Bruza at Fire in Vauxhall, London and relived a nostalgia of the early 2000 millennium.

The aesthetic of shoulders rubbing on stage to crowd space to secure and witness inevitable reloads defined the night. Reminiscent of pirate radio throwbacks where emcees of the genre would congregate in consensus to spit their hardest bars, Fire provided an intimate setting for fans used to being the fly on the wall. Following unbelievable ensemble line-ups of glory day Grime artists at previous events (Skepta, Wiley, Lioness, Stormin, D Double E), Grime Originals matched expectations of raw, authentic Grime.

With “hype hype” Flirta D’s varied vocalisations a confirmed wheel up, and Riko Dan’s command in his patois packed lyrics, energy was in abundance, also helped by Fumin and surprise guest Lethal Bizzle. MC Discarda particularly received an overwhelming response to his prolific skank inducing bars, sided by Manga (Roll Deep Crew), and backed up by bursts of beats by DubPlate Mex – “DPM Recordings” to you and I. Different types of proverbial smoke were on display, with North London’s C Cane (Bad To Da Bone) stepping up as part of the New Generation. In the ultimate sign of welcoming the new age of the genre, this is inclusive and maintains how the Grime Originals brand are on their way to legendary status. Healthy competition whether through chasing a pull up or friendly clashing are regarded as staples of Grime. Grime Originals brings this to the forefront in the format of live performance, and it works.

Key to this formula are the DJ’s. On decks, Spooky set the tone for a memorable set with special guest, producer, Boy Better Know member and holder of historical basements, Jammer. Spinning a refix of Benga and Coki’s Night, Spooky became Chief Executive Of Vibes in that very moment. This baton was relayed to energy king and additional special guest, Ghetts, who took it upon himself to show what the people want – a performance of the well-loved Artillery. A grime original in his own right, while veterans of the scene continue to pass the mic among the established and up-and-comers, Grime’s future looks lasting.