Grime now an official category on Spotify


Head to Spotify, keyword ‘Grime’, and you will now see a glorious addition to one of the largest music streaming services in the world under the genre section. Following numerous playlists on the platform curated by affiliates of Grime (DJ Logan Sama), as well as fans, Spotify have finally cemented the UK led genre into its music discovery catalogue in a clear, identifiable format.

Having launched in 2008 (a few years after Grime’s beginnings), 2017 saw a heavy push of Grime and UK music generally, with Austin Darbo (Senior Editor at Spotify) frontlining Who We Be – a gig born out of the same playlist that saw Bugzy Malone and Dizzee Rascal centre stage. In frequent progressive moves to match the relatively old categorization of Grime to classic status right after Funk, Austin has proven to be an asset to the scene not only on a logistic level, but as a genuine supporter:

The stages of Grime consumption has transitioned from pirate radio, panic rips from these same radio sets eventually to YouTube where LinkUp TV now dominate in showcasing the genre. Spotify sit firmly in this path of music discovery, now even more so with this objectively small, but effective adjustment. It is worth noting that Spotify are available in approximately 61 markets, coupled with the fact that Grime has already gone global. Currently hosting 4 playlists that include Grime Classics and Instrumentals by the likes of Skepta, Maniac and Wiley MBE, this provides a hub on Spotify’s platform for related activity on the genre, spanning to other areas that mark Grime as a creditable. New year, big move.