Grime DJ, Logan Sama Mount Kilimanjaro Climb for Charity


Lengendary Grime DJ, most noticable efforts of  breaking through artist into the mainstream realm via his Kiss FM set on Monday nights – Logan Sama, will climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro with his Dad and brother next month.

The extensive climb is to raise money for Save The Children, Help For Heroes and the Irish Guards Appeal, and will begin December 6th.

In an interview with RWDmag, he states:

“It has been a daily grind to boost my stamina and energy levels”. Aware of the scale of the challenge he faces Logan continued “All of us will find it hard but hopefully we will all make it to the summit together and can enjoy the sense of achievement that man can only get from conquering such feats in nature! I can’t wait to look out over Tanzania from the top of Kilimanjaro and bask in awe of the views”.

Also mentioning that outsiders of the Grime industry will see the “great things” that derive from the scene.

I want the public to know that people from the Grime scene are able to do great things to help others as well. These are all really good causes committed to doing some great work for people that need and deserve our help. If you can donate to our cause or help make others aware of what we are doing that would be hugely appreciated.”

Support the cause here 

By Tanya Royes