#Get2Know Paigey Cakey


Best known for her melodic rapping style and her trendsetting steeze, the U.K has watched Paigey Cakey’s growth throughout her creative and musical pursuit ascend. Her name was highlighted at the end of 2017 when she admirably shared with the nation that she had been losing her hair, but soon to follow the Hackney artist’s name was highlighted when she found herself at the centre of a social media storm.

October 2018 and Paigey is back with refreshed creative direction, continuing to release songs and next month an EP, she’s picking up on the acting career she put on the back burner whilst focusing on her music.

Today we can see her face in a cinema near you playing a battle rapper in brand new Brit film, ‘VS’ which has been dubbed as the replenished and skilfully crafted brit version of ‘8 Mile’.

Rae: Paigey, you have had an eventful year this year with a lot of changes for you, starting with the highly publicised airing on Twitter involving yourself and Lady Leshurr, to you then respectably laying your cards on the table and sharing your intimate dealings with hair loss to the nation. With 2019 looming what has 2018 taught you in terms of growth ?

Paigey: You know what 2018 started off a crazy year, I feel like next year is going to be my year. I say this every year ! But I feel like next year I’m going to be a lot more content as I really feel like I know myself now. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of lessons this year in terms of friendships, just a lot in music and in acting. I feel like I’ve just had a lot of inspiration this year, so I feel like next year is going to be the year when you’re going to see Paigey Cakey all over your TV screens basically.

Rae: Aside from making music we’re going to see a lot more of your creative streak with the release of BBC’s new film ‘VS’ which is out today, we know you’ve flirted with acting during the earlier stages of your career when you appeared in ‘Attack The Block’ and ‘Waterloo Road’ but are we going to see more of you acting or are you going to focus predominantly on your music ?

Paigey: It’s crazy because that actually just came through randomly. I did have intentions to do acting but I’m someone that sometimes, I get lazy, and I get put off doing something. I got put off getting an acting agent for so long I thought it wasn’t going to happen so I just focused on the music. Then this opportunity came about and as soon as I heard that music was incorporated in the film I was gassed and wanted to be involved in it straight away, coz I thought, oh my God this is my dream… I get to rap and act in a film and play a battle rapper. I love watching american battle rap stuff as well, since doing the film I’ve just been really motivated to get back into acting. Especially seeing a lot of the other cast doing other stuff like Joivan for example, seeing him in ‘The Purge’ and in Atlanta filming for like a DC comic, I thought oh my God this is so dope I need to get back into acting. So recently I sent my CV and my headshots off, so yea I’m just really motivated to get myself back on the screen and start doing what I love again. Before all of this that I had only really done acting in school and college, but it was more of a hobby and I was doing it as a hobby during the two week project at Hackney Empire but a casting director saw me and told me to come down to these open classes with different types of talent. So I went down but I didn’t actually realise I was auditioning for ‘Attack The Block’.

Rae: You worked a 9-5 job before quitting in 2012, if you hadn’t pursued your music what do you think you would be doing now ?

Paigey: Still working a 9-5 or working with kids to be honest, because that was what I’ve always wanted to do, working with kids. I kinda do that today when I work on projects and do talks with kids.

Rae: You’ve inspired a lot of women in particular to open up more about their sexuality and I’ve  seen a lot online of people tweeting you offers! Firstly how did the scale of the impact of you sharing your sexuality impact you emotionally because it was on quite a big scale.

Paigey: You know what a lot of people had what they thought in their heads anyway and a lot of people knew but didn’t know if that makes sense. I just felt like it was peace of mind for me to share my truth, I feel like I have a lot of motivation from where I had the hair transplant, coz when I had a hair transplant and went through the whole losing my hair, I kinda just felt like I need to live my truth and just be honest. Obviously the scale I came out doing that had a bit of a backlash but at the same time I was just happy that it was out and I didn’t really feed in to the negativity. That’s one thing about me I’m just positive.

Rae: We live in a society that’s obsessed with image, with Instagram and with social media in general. You’ve been a trendsetter in showing people that beauty doesn’t fit one image and having to pretend to be something you’re not by coming out as you are and being open about personal things going on in your life. Throughout the whole process from the social media spat to the hair transplant, what’s touched you the most ?

Paigey: I think it was just the love and support that I got that was the most touching because I honestly didn’t come out with either of those things for anything but peace of mind and just not being able to hold it in. I wasn’t honestly going to tell anybody about the hair transplant until the lady said to me, you can’t wear a wig for 60 days. I somehow had in my head that I’d be able to just cover this, my hair will grow back and people will never know. That’s what I wanted to do, but the lady told me that I couldn’t, I thought you know what.. let me be honest and tell people my story because I can’t hide it, I didn’t realise it was going to reach so many people. It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me, bigger than my music which is crazy, but you know what it’s worked out for the better and since I’ve done that I feel like I’ve gained a lot of respect from a lot of people. I’ve had a lot of messages from people that have in the past said a lot of horrible things about me, and now their saying you know what… I rate you and I’m sorry. I’ve also had people from different walks of life. older women supporting my thing and people’s parents saying things like, my daughter’s a massive fan but I’m a massive fan of your hair journey and that their going through similar things. I feel so privileged to be able to use my platform to expose myself, get my truth out there and share my story and have other people, not even just females but guys as well be able to relate to me by letting them know they’re not the only one going through this by being a voice. I wanted to make people feel comfortable, it was the biggest and best thing I’ve ever done in my life. To other people  it might not sound so crazy, but when your living a lie, where hair is beauty in this world and everyone cares so much about image and how they look, when you’re not happy with something and then you get it fixed… you feel so much better. Hair is a massive thing for a woman anyway, if someone was to come and shave your hair off, you’re not gonna feel pretty.

Rae: Lastly what have you got cooking for us ?

Paigey: I’ve got an EP that I’m gonna drop next month called ‘Flavours’. I’m just calling it flavours because I feel like if my mixtape was a dish it would be very flavoursome. It’s got all different sounds it, it’s very tropical with a seasoning of rap and a bit of singing. The beginning of next year, so early spring, I’m gonna do a U.K tour so people can hear the mixtape, so that’s what I got coming along with ‘VS’ dropping.