Get 2 Know Viral Entrepreneur & Social Influencer ImJustBait

Get 2 Know ImJustBait

More commonly, whilst scrolling through Instagram, you will often see his page’s name appear and absentmindedly watch, like or comment on his content. His trademark page has been cemented as a go to for all things urban, ranging from funny videos, memes, new music, banter and news. Not one to expose his identity much, at only 19 years old, he’s the youngest entrepreneur in the U.K at present to singlehandedly make a name for himself through the use of social media.

Raised in an environment which was financially challenging for his family, this week’s featured guest DIDN’T even own a phone when he created one of the largest curated content pages on Instagram. Borrowing friends phones at school, he created an Instagram account where he began posting videos for banter, after being deleted 4 times from the social handle, today, one of his main Instagram accounts has a heavy weight solid following of 1.2 million, with his other 3 ranging from 228k, 500k and 32.2k. After being approached by major labels and well known artists requesting features on his pages for promotion, numerous online companies expressing interest in buying his page and more recently Apple, for his new app, at 19 years old, he has a promising future ahead of him. From having no phone, to making over £20,000 a month through his online successes, we “Get 2 Know” the U.K’s youngest viral entrepreneur and social influencer.


Anthony Arron Aka ImJustBait


Rae: So Anthony, we’ve all seen your name floating about on social media, ImJustBait is everywhere. There’s a lot of people that recognise your page and know who’s behind it, but for the people that don’t know who’s behind your page, tell them how it all started and how you got into curating content online ?

Anthony: I just used to post funny videos for my friends, at first it was just for my own entertainment. Just to have bants and buss joke. Around that time I used to watch two other pages again for banter, I started my page properly in 2014 and saw the public’s reaction and that I was beginning to get a following and realised that this could actually go somewhere.

Rae: It’s inspiring to see a young person like yourself doing so well by using a resource which is available to everyone. I personally have always seen ImJustBait’s page and it’s content floating around, not just on Instagram but on your Twitter ImJustBanter. 2 years ago there was a tweet from you saying that a company offered you £15,000 for your Instagram account, what happened with that ?

Anthony: I had so many offers for my Instagram, that was one company of many, The biggest offer I received was from a big company, they emailed me offering me £500,000 for the account, I read it and just deleted it straight away…

Rae: You deleted it ? Why is that ? I know when I was 19 years old I would have taken £500,000 without question.

Anthony: I put so much passion and years into growing the account, them trying to put a figure on my page just downgraded it. It’s not about money.

Tyler(manager): As a young creative and being the influencer that he is, going through the struggle, he’s the only one coming like the U.K Shade Room right now. You can’t put a price on his Instagram because that can grow as a brand, it’s something that started off as a passion project and then turned into a business and actually started making money.

Anthony: That is literally what happened.

Rae: Nice, and now look at you, you’ve got your own app ! How did that come about ?

Anthony: Basically I’ve been deleted off Instagram 4 times, I really didn’t wanna rely on anyone else’s platform, I was thinking how can I get all these people to follow what I post ? I thought I would just make my own platform, that’s how the app came about. Also Instagram don’t pay you, I’ve never received anything off Instagram, I thought how can I make my own money ? I’ll start my own platform.

Tyler(manager): He knocked Whatsapp and everyone else off the iTunes charts with his app.

Anthony: Yea the app came 3rd in the charts..

Rae: That’s mental ! Like I mentioned, a lot of people know ImJustBait as a brand, but don’t know who you are, we see the odd picture but you don’t really post about yourself, are we going to see more of you Anthony ?

Anthony: Yea, that’s why I got management behind me, Tyler’s helping out a lot to come out more as an entrepreneur. You will see a lot more, I’m doing events, radio and a lot of stuff like that, that’s the aim,…

Rae: Yea I did lock into Bitchy Online which is run by Link Up’s editor, Wardah on Radar Radio with yourself !

Tyler(manager): There’s a few premature projects going on at the moment as well, there are major labels that are interested in Anthony possibly curating his own mixtape compilations and a few other projects, he’s been in labels and has been doing a lot of artist development. Labels are interested in getting him in as an influencer. There’s gonna be a launch for his app and brand officially and put his name to it, this come’s back to the point of not being able to put a price on the brand, he’s a 19 year old that has generated a following of 1.2 million, Anthony’s just sourcing out the app market at the moment, he’s had a lot of conversations with labels and there’s a lot of endorsement for his brand, you’re gonna see a lot of ImJustBait floating around.

Rae: This is crazy !! As a young person how have you managed to keep your business hat on and who’s been supporting you ?

Anthony: It’s just been me, when I was 18, I was working for Uber and had my own code making £20,000 a month and at one point was spending around £7,000 in a day, I knew the money was gonna fly, so I had to get a company. £20,000 a month at that age was just crazy, I’ve learned to manage my money a lot better.

Rae: Stopppp it ! So you’re the urban Richard Branson, and all now we don’t see you on social media flossing ! Mad ! So new years coming, fresh plans, what’s going on for you ?

Anthony: There’s so much,…

Tyler(manager): Basically, the ImJustBait brand is officially properly gonna launch in January, Anthony has merchandise that he’s been working on for the last 6-8 months that he plans to unveil, away from that he’s doing a lot of brand endorsement stuff alongside doing some artist development for a major label. In terms of expansion he’s really getting his name up in the music industry as well as the tech market. What I know about Anthony’s vision for the next 6 months is that his focus is on developing his app, he’s new to the app game and is already making noise in the tech market, he’s definitely on the right track.

Rae: Amazing, …. ImJustBait’s page is consistent in posting content daily, how do you manage all the posts with everything else your juggling and just getting on with other things in the day ?

Anthony: I post 10-15 posts a day , sometimes more, it used to be around 40, I manage it, I’m just so used to it and it’s a passion. I can still go out with my friends, I been out with my friends all day, I’ll go home and I post, I enjoy it.

Rae: How have your friends and your family reacted to your success? You said that you started ImJustBait for bants and look at it now !

Anthony: It’s a good feeling that I’m able to look after my family, their grateful, I like that I’m in a position to help them. The biggest thing for me is the recognition, I can go to Westfields and like 200 people would stop me and want a picture, I just came back from there, it sounds mad, but its mad to me that people actually want to stop me and take pictures (laughs).

Rae: Well the people are liking what you are doing so c’mon… amazing ! On the music side of things you do post a lot of music videos, is that for the people or because you like it ?

Anthony: I’ll post it because I like it even if I don’t know of them, people like Not3s, Tizzy Brandz, I posted Not3s’s first video went on my page before he made Addison Lee and it did really well, there’s been so many artists that have benefited from ImJustBait’s page but I don’t wanna name names. A lot of labels have approached me to plug their artists.

Rae: So even after getting deleted you didn’t get disheartened and why were your accounts deleted ?

Anthony: I’ve been deleted 4 times, that was all together for a period of around 9 months, I didn’t have wifi or a phone so I would go to school and use the wifi there on my friends phones. My family didn’t have much money, I got a job at Sainsbury’s and saved up to get an iPhone because I saw the potential in the page, and then dropped out of college, but I didn’t give up. I made a back up page straight away, and that back up page is the one that now has the following of a quarter of a million. I learnt after the 4th time how to filter my content, I would look at the things I post and think, would I show this to my nan ? As soon as I dropped out of college the page started blowing.

Rae: From banter to business, Anthony i rate you, things are set for you.

Anthony: Yea there’s so much to come..

Rae: Your an inspiration Anthony, thank you for sharing your journey!


Anthony’s app “I’mJustBait” is available to download now on the app store.