Get 2 Know: Smerker


Although only starting to pursue a career in music at the end of 2017, South London rapper Smerker  quickly attracted an organic and stealthy following after releasing two singles, crediting his track ‘Stars In The Wraith’ as the instigator for the escalation in his buzz.

His first release ‘Red Tape’ in 2017, was unexpected to the people who know him due to his activity in property and business being the factors for which he was initially known.

With artists such as Rapman, Deep Green and Pak Man showing love for his artistry, Smerker’s ensuring he doesn’t pigeonhole his sound with future releases with musicians ranging from Osh to Russ2Splashy.



Rae: You started making music in 2004, but it was in 2017 that you started to take it seriously what spurred your creative pursuit again ?

Smerker: Yea in 2017 I started taking it seriously and saying cool, let me see what’s happening and put my foot in the water.. but I didn’t put both feet in, I kinda like dipped my toe in and released a song. A lot of my friends around me were saying I was good but I didn’t know what the public was saying so I released the song to throw it out there to see how receptive people were to me and that’s how it started. I was doing silly little mc’ing and that in 2004 it wasn’t anything serious, I hadn’t really gone out to the public as such because I was young, it was more a mobile phones at the back of the bus thing. 2017 was the first release that I did, it was more my friends that spurred me on to say yea… your good, they thought I could make it happen. I wasn’t doing anything musically within 2004 to 2017, I had my friend Yung Reeks who I was semi managing and coaching, I just used to give him advice on what to put in his music videos and projects from the outset, I was more into properties and concentrating on businesses.

Rae: Baring in mind your main focus was initially on gaging public reaction, would you say your musical pursuit is born as a result of expression or are you actively trying to attain a level of success from it because you recognise you have a flair for music ?

Smerker: It’s a little bit of both, it’s definitely an outlet as such because I enjoy doing music, more than doing music, I love performing, especially when the crowd give the energy back, that’s my first love…Then it comes to the music, I just like creating music. I wanna be somewhere serious in the industry and go very far with it, I don’t wanna just sit around and be in the same position. I’m a very motivational person so it’s like if I’m progressing I’m happy, if I’m not progressing I’m gonna do everything I can to progress.

Rae: You’re affiliated with a lot of rappers with a buzz in the industry who are supporting you, how did you become familiar with them ? Did they show love for your artistry or were you known to them before you came on the scene ?

Smerker: You know what, I think it’s definitely a bit of both coz I’m from the roads and they are too, a few people know a few people and stuff like that. Like with Osh, he reached out to me before he blew up and said he thought I was hard and wanted to collaborate. We have a tune coming out in a few months, it was the same sort of thing with Pak Man and J Spades, they wanted to do the remix to ‘Stars In The Wraith’ because they appreciated it was doing bits. It’s a crazy quick time in terms of progress considering I dropped my first single in November 2017, and another one in March 2018, but I really put my feet in with ‘Stars In the Wraith’. I created my own buzz off my own back out of no where, a lot of people in the industry saw that and respected that despite the fact I didn’t have a fan base at the time, they just caught wind of it. I’m not at full capacity yet, I would say I’ve only shown 60%, I’m good friends with Rapman and I saw him doing this for 5 years straight before Shiro’s Story, he knows my work ethic but I think you just gotta know what you want and go for it, I’m a positive person so I just keep ploughing through and making it happen.

Rae: Who are you currently listening to and who else would you like to see yourself collaborate with this year ?

Smerker: I listen to a mixture of music, everyone from the rap playlist, Headie One, Russ, I got a track coming out with him this year too, D Block Europe and Bane, Cadet, Krept and Konan, the main people in the industry are who I’m listening to, anyone that’s making good music. Someone like Fredo, I think me and him would cook up something mad in the kitchen, in terms of overseas definitely Lil Baby and Meek Mill….I like their work ethic and flow.

Rae: What can we expect to see from you this year ?

Smerker: There’s a few festivals and shows coming up that are yet to be confirmed, I got crazy projects coming this year along with a crazy work ethic, I’m most likely going to be dropping something every month, there’s definitely gonna be some kind of EP.