Get 2 Know Slim


For an artist that only started to venture full force into his musical pursuit last year, Slim has come a long way from his everyday lifestyle to having a deal with Warner Music… And everyone’s feeling the kid.

His single Again and Again hit over 7 million views independently, he’s collaborated and toured with Headie One and this week saw the release of his debut mixtape, Still Working.



Rae: You’ve spoken about having no vision when you were incarcerated, when did you start to take your musical pursuit seriously?

Slim: I’d say literally about two months before I dropped my first video… The beginning of 2018. My friends had been on to me for time saying that I need to do music but it was all about timing, and I knew when I was ready. A few things happened in life and I thought to myself that now was the time. From I was 11 I used to spit to Grime, I used to listen to a lot of Grime music, all the olders on the block would be spitting and I was the little kid that could spit. For years everyone was telling me that I needed to rap, here and there they’d get me on a few tunes with them but it was nothing serious. It was last year that I decided to fully focus on music, and thought that it was a career that I can actually do something with. Some people say the progression escalated quickly, but to me it feels natural despite it being a year. I said to myself if the video didn’t do what I wanted it to do then I was ready to leave it and wouldn’t try releasing a second video… Well I say that now (laughs) but I might have tried again. I see people who try and try and it’s not a bad thing to keep trying, but music wasn’t something that I’d thought about continuing if it didn’t work first time, I would have just accepted that it wasn’t for me but luckily it done alright.

Rae: Your first mixtape, Still Working, is a body of work based on your lifestyle including features with K Trap and M Huncho. With this being your first project, what made you base it all on your lifestyle and not conform to mainstream sound?

Slim: I just have to be real to myself really and to my friends, the main thing is with my first tape I wanted to make music that me, myself, twelve months ago would have sat in my car and listened to. My friends now, when they hear it they say yea… This is it… I don’t want them to hear it and be like this would be good for the radio or this would be good in a couple months time. I wanna keep it on them levels and not jump too far ahead, I’m just gonna give them me for now that’s it… When it’s time to change up a bit then I’ll change up, but the main thing for the first tape was to give them something that I actually liked and that I can listen back to. Trap’s my guy still I’ve known him from when I came out of jail around 2016… Even before he was rapping I knew him, apart from music there’s real life… I know him from real life so getting a feature just came naturally and made sense at the time as well. I wouldn’t really make music with someone that I didn’t feel. But that’s just how I feel right now, if I don’t really listen to an artist or feel their music I wouldn’t get in the studio just because their charting. I genuinely kinda have to feel the vibe, so with Huncho I was digging his vibe that he’s got going on. We had a few exchanges on Insta, I can’t really remember how it came about, one way or another, next thing we were in the booth together making music. The only song that we did went on the tape and it went well.

Rae: With music forever evolving would you stick to your current sound or are you going to adapt to changes and show a different style to your artistry?

Slim: To answer that easily, I’m just gonna keep giving them me and how I feel… I’m not gonna act and I’m not gonna change, if the time comes when I’m in the studio and I feel like I wanna make something different I will, and if it works it works and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I’m just going with the flows and the energy right now, that’s the main thing.


Rae: You’ve spoken about your life trials and how you’ve struggled, what do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t taken up music as a form of expression?

Slim: I don’t know man, I would’ve been going hard regardless… That’s why the name of the tape is Still Working… I would have been doing something to better my life, but I’d like to think that music has put me in a better situation than if I wasn’t doing it and that’s the main thing.

Rae: With Again and Again hitting over 7 million views independently, to touring with Headie One, have you always been affiliated with artists in the scene or was it graft that got you in a position where your following organically grew?

Slim: Headie’s my guy again maybe more musically, he hit me up and threw up my song on the story. I actually listen to Drill music, I don’t make Drill but there are a few artists that I do listen to, I think some of them are very smart the way they word things. I listen to Headie, so when he threw that up I thought let me see if I can pattern something with him. I came out at M Huncho’s show last year and I saw Headie there, we’d already sent a few messages but linked up properly for the first time there, and after a month or two we were in the studio and he asked me to come out on tour. When we were on tour the vibes were good, he was with about 20-30 of his bredrins, I was with 20 of my bredrins, it was all good vibes… We said if it’s meant to be we’ll shoot a video… But yea, Headie’s proper we’re due to do something else as well.

Rae: You have a lot of young male listeners that have or currently find themselves in situations you’ve spoken of, what would you say to people that say your promoting a particular lifestyle, and what would your advice be to your younger listeners?

Slim: I don’t like to think I’m promoting a lifestyle, the concept behind Still Working is for anyone that’s going hard. Some people might sell drugs and some people might be a painter, but the main thing is as long as you go hard with what ever you do good things will come. I’m more focused on the aspect of working hard. I’ve done things I shouldn’t have and I’ve paid the price for that, I’m just saying if you go hard in real life you will do well and you don’t have to rap to do that. Some people wanna take the risk and do certain things to better their life and others might wanna go university and study, that’s still going hard and I rate that you ain’t gotta do illegal things, that’s the main focus. I want people to listen to the tape and feel inspired to go hard in whatever they’re doing. I want the person that’s starting at 7:30 am to have that get up and go to just get through the day. Whatever you’re doing, just go hard. Some people live differently, some people can’t wait to get home, and some people can’t wait for tomorrow to get back out there and eat…

Rae:  Who would you like to see yourself collaborate with in the near future? Is there anyone your listening to that you think you would vibe with?

Slim: If I’m being honest there’s not anyone I would collaborate with right now. I’m someone that stays well away from Instagram and social media, people take it too personally, people are scared to comment and like things and I know that it’s fake. I like to meet people in real life and for vibes to be natural, like I said with Headie One I used to listen to him before I met him, or even Dave, he might say things that I think is hard but I still need to meet someone in real life to connect with them and make music. K Trap and Headie are my guys, I’m just gonna continue to make music regardless even if that means doing it on my own and the right features will pop up at the right time when it’s meant to, you can’t force anything.