Get 2 Know Sharna Bass


Imagine being a teenager at youth club, singing and dancing, a practice which is routine for you, and then you get spotted by a band who show interest in your sound. Imagine that day unknowingly being the day that was set to change the direction of your life.

The first time Sharna Bass had ever set foot in the studio was to record Extraordinary, a song in which she featured with iconic British instrumentalist group, Clean Bandit. With measureless radio play and streams, the video alone hit over 37 million views and the song charted at number 5 in the Official UK Charts.

Sharna has since gone on to release more music including melodic sounds, Buss a 9 and Hit and Run, sign a publishing deal with Sony ATV alongside making appearances on emblematic platforms BBC 1xtra and Capital Xtra.



Rae: Your first experience in a professional studio was when you recorded Extraordinary with Clean Bandit, with the video alone accumulating over 37 million views. Considering it was the first track you had ever recorded, did you expect the song to acquire the magnitude of success that it did?

Sharna: No, I really wasn’t expecting it at all.. I was in college and people were telling me that they’d heard it being played on the radio. It was my first time in the studio because I was more focused on dancing at the time I met Clean Bandit, they came to a youth club I used to go to and a while after I got a message on Facebook from them inviting me down to the studio. It was around the time they had their tune Rather Be out with Jess Glynne… but I never expected it to get as big as it did. It gave me the confidence to keep going with my music because before that I was only really singing in my bedroom.

Rae: As a young woman pursuing a music career, how have you found navigating your way through a male dominated industry? And have there been any challenges you faced?

Sharna: I wouldn’t say I’ve faced any challenges, everything’s gone well for me… I’ve been able to travel, which is something I’d say is one of my biggest achievements because I always wanted to, but never got the chance when I was younger. Being able to travel opened up my creativity and allowed me to experience different things. I just do my thing and keep working… I actually get a lot of support from the males, so I don’t really see it that way.

Rae: You’ve mentioned that Biggie is one of your influences and that you appreciate the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. With a vast taste in music… what is Sharna’s sound?

Sharna: I don’t wanna box myself to one sound, I’ve made songs that are commercial and like different styles of music but the music I’ve been making recently are leaning more towards RnB.

Rae: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Sharna: Definitely Meek Mill or J Cole… I think being in a studio with them would be a challenge for me because their artistry is deep… it would challenge me lyrically.

Rae: You’ve said that your reason for doing music is purely for expression. What are your opinions on social influencers going viral with music that’s made for reasons other than the art form? Do you feel that it results in practising artists not getting the recognition they deserve?

Sharna: I wouldn’t want to put down any one doing their thing, if they’re making money and it’s working for them then that’s a positive thing, but I do feel that musicians who are putting in the work and practising their craft deserve a lot more recognition.

Rae: Buss a 9 came from a situation you were going through at the time, what was the inspiration behind This View?

Sharna: This View was written during a time when I was feeling quite low and depressed. At first I didn’t have a concept, I just started off with a piano loop and started to freestyle. I showed it to my manager and he said I should record it and do something with it, and that’s how it came about.

Rae:  You posted a video on Instagram of you signing a contract at Sony ATV, what was this for, and what can we expect to see from you?

Sharna: I signed a publishing deal with Sony for my songwriting… I’ve got a feature with K Trap coming out soon and I’m releasing my first EP. There’s going to be more music and more consistency. I have another feature dropping but I won’t say who that’s with, you’ll have to see!