Get 2 Know Sevyn


She’s achieved most milestones in an artists career that a musician could only dream of. After writing for a desirable collection of credible artists such as Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Ariana Grande and Alicia keys, Sevyn Streeter set foot in England this week for her first U.K show, to demonstrate to us exactly why she is one of the most accomplished singer/songwriters to hail from the U.S.A.

With continuous support from the likes of Nicki Minaj, Mario and Ashanti championing her sounds, RnB singer Sevyn is back with her new single ‘Yernin’ after releasing her debut studio album ‘Girl Disrupted’ in which she collaborated with Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih back in 2017.

Rae: You’ve written for artists, Ariana Grande’, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Justin Beiber, Fantasia and Chris Brown to name a select few, but as a singer was it hard for you to part ways with certain songs that you had written, or was your focus more on the potential that the songs could reach ?

Sevyn: You know…I think at that period in my life when I was able to write those songs for those artists, I understood the importance of building my career step by step. I love songwriting and I think when you do love it.. you understand that it’s a selfless art form. So anytime I signed up to create for another artist, the singer in me kinda had to take a backseat and that’s ok coz the songwriter in me was very fulfilled. To have those artists want to even want to sing my songs meant the world to me, it just made me a better songwriter. I was able to be around their creative process and see how they put their albums together and kinda learn in that way. So when it came to the time where I was doing my own projects, I felt like I’d had lessons in being able to observe some of what I consider, the greatest musicians and artists of this generation. It was like school for me…

Rae: You’ve been very open in speaking about Colourism and Depression, what’s the biggest and most important lesson that the music industry has taught you so far ?

Sevyn: The biggest, most important lesson…. honestly, I would have to say.. is if you don’t do the work.. and you don’t literally get in there and get your hands dirty and do it for yourself, you can’t rely on anyone else to do it. It may be a hard lesson to learn but it’s a very important one. I think that me learning how to write my own music and pick my own beats…learning how to write my own treatments for videos, things like that… the industry teaches you how to do it all by yourself because when you rely on other people to do it..sometimes… you know.. it can work out, but do be prepared, that things are always better when you are hands on yourself. I think that it’s taught me to ask a lot of questions and just to kind of know as much as I can possibly know about my s***.

Rae: You’re currently in England to perform at your first ever U.K show, which artists from the U.K are you currently listening to if anyone ? And who would you like to see yourself collaborate with ?

Sevyn: I’m not gonna lie I’m not, but someone was teaching me today about Grime music (laughs). I know of Skepta and I’m excited to know more about different types of music I’m yet to get introduced to and soak up more of this U.K energy you know ?! I’d love to come back here next year, they better bring me back here next year ! My agent and management better figure it out (laughs)… I’m mad I’ve only got two days here, I don’t wanna leave I need more time !

Rae: Next year who would you like to write for and why ?

Sevyn: Honestly on my bucket list, I have been dying to write a record for Beyonce’ for as long as I can remember, she’s just number one on my list, there’s no one like her and I’m obsessed with her like the rest of the world ! I would love to just hear her sing one of my records.. Like I would cry.. like an ugly cry you know ?! (Laughs) Like the ugly tears of joy…it would be so bad ! But yea it has to be Beyonce’.

Rae: Your new single ‘Yernin’ is out now, who is that about … is there a truth or story behind that song ? Or did it derive from pure creativity ?

Sevyn: ‘Yernin’ was definitely directed towards everybody who either stopped believing, everybody who pretended to believe, everybody who felt like they had a say so on how I live my life and how I create my music, people who just like to hate for no reason…It’s directed towards myself to tell myself to stop giving a f*** and giving people power who’s opinion’s don’t matter. ‘Yernin’ is a record for me, that everything that I was excited about, angry about, passionate about.. I let all of those things fuel me and that’s how that record came about, we wrote it in about an hour and I feel like it should be like an anthem or a mantra for some people to say I don’t give a you know what ! Live your life how you wanna live it, create how you wanna create, it’s very important, it’s crucial.

Rae: At 5 you started singing, by 9 years old you were signed, but it was at 15 when your career took off properly. Throughout your years in the music industry, when was the moment when you realised the magnitude of  how widespread your career is ?

Sevyn: Honestly coming to London was probably one of those moments for me, I’ve never been here but always wanted to come, I’ve never had a show here which is something I’ve always wanted and here we are, in England, doing a show in London. I think 15 year old me would be very happy right now if I were able to go back in time. I think I would die at the age of 15 if I could go back and tell myself that I would be doing the things that I dreamt of… I don’t take anything that God gives me for granted, I don’t. I wouldn’t care if there were two people in the venue, I don’t care if there were 20, I’m just happy to be here and happy that im still able to create music, at the end of the day every day is a blessing. Music for me is not a 9-5, it’s 24/7, it’s non stop and for me to be able to do that from the age of 15 to now is just a blessing. This trip is that for me.

Rae: What can we expect next from Sevyn ?

Sevyn: I’m literally in the studio now finishing up my next project, its gonna be a special one, I’m really excited about it, the melodies and the drums, the space that I pulled from it feels very 90’s at times but it still has a nice hybrid of 90’s and now. I had fun, I really didn’t think too hard about this project, everyday I went into the studio with the intentions of creating whatever I wanted. I gave myself permission to do whatever the f*** I wanted and the music is definitely coming out that way, in the best way possible, it just feels very free and extremely honest and unapologetic and I’m excited about that. The name of the project is called ‘Drunken Words, Sober Thoughts’, probably because every night in the studio to accompany my f*** it  attitude I definitely took a couple of shots of some brown liquor some nights, some Tequila some nights, some Vodka some nights, some wine and beer other nights (laughs). Me and my engineer, my producers and writers just had a good time and created from that space, the project will be out next year and I’m really excited about it.