Get 2 Know Ramz


Wednesday 20th February was still a notably prestigious event and milestone for South London musician, Ramz, who was nominated for Best British Single for the track which took the nation by storm, Barking. Despite not winning, being nominated alone remains a sizeable achievement.

With his new single Hold You Down already accumulating over 1 million streams/views, 2019 is set to be full of future successes for Ramz in the form of more single releases and an upcoming project.


Rae: You’ve remained profesional and showed true sportsmanship despite at times receiving negative attention, throughout it all you’ve made your faith known. How instrumental have your beliefs been for you during your career?

Ramz: I would say it could have an impact on what you do, so it’s like people can say why are you making this kind of music when you’re going to church. They could say I shouldn’t be making this type of music, for me being a christian, it’s at times been difficult and people can over look it, but if I didn’t have a career out of music maybe people wouldn’t say that. You know what I mean? I’ve tried to explain that as best as I can.

Rae: Your mother and grandmother helped you pay for the video for Barking, and initially it was challenging for you to tell them you were giving up education for music. How have they in particular, alongside your friends and family, reacted to your success?

Ramz: Do you know what, at the start when I wasn’t going to uni and I was telling them that I wanted to stay in London and not do the uni thing and just work, my mum told me not to force myself. She understands that uni’s not for everyone and that some people can go off and do something else. It got to a point where I went to uni and was coming back every weekend and she could tell that I wasn’t doing anything whilst I was up there. That’s when I knew I just wanted to focus on my music, it was in the summer when I said to my mum and grandma I don’t wanna go to back to uni. I kept asking them to help me with this video and that video, so they were getting to the point where they were kinda fed up. They said to me they’ll help but this was the last time, I promised them that everything was gonna change…and yeah I stuck to my word. It wasn’t until they started seeing things, then they started believing a bit, but it was when my mum saw me on TV that she realised…ok my son’s actually an artist now.

Rae: Alongside being a lyricist your an all round musician that plays the drums, are we going to see you experimenting with live instrumentation for future songs?

Ramz: You know…that’s something that when I go to do my album, which I’m thinking about now, that I want to bring into it. Whether it’s playing the drums or the keys, or just playing certain beats in a certain way, it’s something I wanna do. People will definitely not expect to see me playing the drums, you never know…I could be the first one to play the drums and do some singing at the same time (laughs).

Rae: Your new single Hold You Down has already accumulated over 1 million streams/views. You’ve mentioned that you like to create music based on how your feeling at the time, what was the inspiration behind this one?

Ramz: That was about my other half and the situation that we were in. Everything I say in that track was literally how I was feeling about the situation and stuff like that. You know some people always talk rubbish and talk the “he says she says” stuff, I just wanted to put across that it comes down to me and her at the end of the day. In terms of the video, that was the best way to deliver it and show a much more mature side if that makes sense.

Rae: You’ve promised new music, what can we expect to see from you? Any collaborations?

Ramz: Yeah there will be, you can say it’s a secret. I don’t really work with people I’ll be honest. When the times right it will come, I’m gonna be releasing a couple more singles and then I’ll be doing my project as well. There’s a lot of artists that I’d love to work with like Fredo and my good friend Dave, so when the times right it will happen.

Rae: What did receiving a nomination for a BRIT Award mean to you?

Ramz: How do I some it up?…It means a lot to me…it’s a dream come true. Every artist wishes for this, they want to be nominated for the biggest award show in the UK. So yeah it means the world, it means I’m doing something right as well.

Rae: Lastly, from initially not wanting to go, how grateful are you for going to University of Portsmouth now?

Ramz: Ah I’m so grateful, I think that’s one of the best moves I’ve made in my life, because if I never went to uni I wouldn’t have done music, my grandma wouldn’t have had time to rest and miss me…I learnt a lot and thats the reason why I started music.