Get 2 Know Osh


It’s been a recurrent phrase in most peoples vocabulary since going viral and has been advocated by long standing musical connoisseurs, with the likes of Idris Elba, BBC Sounds and MistaJam showing appreciation for the singer and his artistry.

With 2018 ending in signing with Columbia Records UK, Croydon singer/rapper, Osh went from being an Enterprise Graduate to a full time musician in the space of a week when his clip ‘My Ye Is Different’ took over the internet.

The official house remix with Idris Elba is out now, and whilst everyone is still savouring in the Ye wave the singer is set on delivering more promising music.

Rae: From proactively making music before the clip of you singing ‘My Ye Is Different’ went viral, to now being signed to Columbia Records UK, how have you found the whole process which has happened quite quickly ?

Osh: Me, I’m pretty calm and collected, I don’t get too carried away…. I mean, I’ve enjoyed the process,  I’m not getting too carried away with it, I’m just taking each day as it comes. It’s been a blessing and at the same time with that being said, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, in regards to seriously going to studio and recording I started in summer ’17 and I started putting out the freestyles on my Instagram in summer 2018, it’s all run pretty smoothly for me.

Rae: Apart from the protocol development that accompanies being signed, how has life changed for you this far and have you grasped the magnitude as to how big your clip went ?

Osh: I try to keep it the same, funny that you asked that, I met Idris Elba recently, he’s a perfect example of how I wanna be with this.. I guess, if you wanna say, celebrity status or new platform. I don’t wanna ever change up on people, I want people to be around me and still feel comfortable being in my presence, I don’t want them to feel like, ‘ he’s talking down to me’ or that I look at them differently. I want people to feel relaxed in my space, that’s the whole vibe I’m trying to go with and take it in my stride and yea, just keep going in regards to work rate but as me as a person, I’m gonna keep it the same. It’s a privilege to hear from people that I’ve grown up listening to or watched reaching out, I just wanna maintain it and make it better. One thing about ‘My Ye’, obviously I love the song, I enjoy it and I hope everyone else is enjoying it, but I think it’s given me a platform and with the platform people who are interested have been able to see other things, stuff that they never had access to before, it’s provided me with an opportunity to share more.


Rae: 1 week ago you posted a clip of yourself and Idris Elba in the studio vibzing to the house remix of ‘My Ye Is Different’ on your Instgram, what’s the story behind that ?

Osh: He was a fan of the song, so him and the label, Columbia came together, spoke, and he said he wanted to do his own thing to it, I was all for it obviously being a fan of him as it is anyway, so yea we made that happen. When I went to see him I listened to it for the first time, obviously he knew what he was doing and I was really happy with it.. it was literally as quick as that. He liked it and he reached out, we were more than willing to have him on it, who wouldn’t be ? I watched Luther, I’m a big fan (laughs). It’s quite overwhelming when you see people that you aspire to be like or watched on TV, to then go on to meet them and they show appreciation for your work, it’s a blessing and I don’t take it for granted, I appreciate it a lot.

Rae: What do you think you would be doing now if your clip hadn’t gone viral ?

Osh: I guess doing my graduate management job, making my money.

Rae: How have your family reacted to your success ?

Osh: My mum knows what’s going on but I don’t think she understands the magnitude of it, my Dad is fully aware boy (laughs) he’s loving every bit of it. He’s telling his friends left right and centre.. they both know what’s happening but my Dad’s more aware.

Rae: You said that next year your dropping straight songs and in your Instagram clips we get more of a taste of your vocal technicality and lyrical depth, are we going to see more of that ?

Osh: That’s just a few of the freestyles, I’ve got a years worth of music, there’s lots more to come and a lot of songs you guys don’t know about. ‘My Ye’ was just a freestyle that was leading up to what was meant to be the original song, but obviously what’s happened has happened and that’s become the first song I’ve put out. BBC are showing a lot of love, but I gotta keep that top secret (laughs), without saying too much, acoustics…. Now we’re just having to replan, the teams got bigger now that I’m signed to a label and I’ve been blessed with wonderful people with great creative minds. I’m gonna do my bit, writing the music and singing away and let them do the planning in regards to how we’re putting it out there to give you lot the best that we can.

Rae: Osh, why your ye is different ?

Osh: Why is my ye different ? I’m Osh (laughs) I can only be me… I’m not like anyone else, I wouldn’t say, I’m not trying to be like anyone else either I’m just doing my own thing.