Get 2 Know Rapper Little Torment


To some his new single ‘Start From Scratch’ may be your initial introduction to South London creative, Little Torment, nevertheless he is no stranger to the scene. The rhymist made a name for himself in 2013 with his debut release, ‘Behind Closed Doors’, subsequently releasing ‘Behind Closed Doors Part 2’ with this year bringing a pending and highly anticipated Part 3.

An unapologetically spoken and honest narrator, Little Torment recessed for a two year period after finding himself on remand shortly before the birth of his son. With a refreshed mind state, he has vowed to come back and help the youth and community by supporting them in any way that he can, alongside releasing his third tape which is set to be full of enlightenment and truths for many of his listeners.

Rae: After taking a two year break to separate yourself from negative attention that you had once been associated with, you’re back with ‘Behind Closed Doors part 3’ describing it as sensitive material. How do you feel you’ve grown emotionally and how has it given form to your music?

Little Torment: As for having my son, it gave me a purpose, before him I was selfish, I didn’t really care about how anybody else felt. I was in jail when my son was still in the belly so I had to really sit down. I was on remand so it was a mad situation for me, and getting out to be able to see his birth was a blessing that you can’t really go against, it showed me that I needed to fix up and do right by my little man. Watching him grow now…it’s a madness. That’s what made me start feeling more connected with other black youts ‘cause I feel connected to my little man. I realised it’s a real love, seeing my brothers out here and the youngers on the streets and people I’m with on a daily basis. I realised the love is that deep and I really love these people. It showed me that we need to let go of all this negativity, I don’t want my son around negativity and I don’t wanna be around it…Something just clicked one day, since then I try and dodge anything negative and it’s been going great. All the things going on out here, it’s mad…You just gotta live to the fullest and take care of who really matters. At the end of the day I know there’s people that do negative stuff for a better cause, so I’m not judging anyone, but I’m only trying to go forward. Having my son showed me all the bullshit doesn’t matter, only he matters. As for ‘Behind Closed Doors’, I’m definitely throwing in gems for my listeners because I know I have a lot of street following. I honestly believe anyone that listens to me is a wise person, if you listen to what I’m saying you’re definitely not gonna make any mistakes. I realised I’d been saying little gems in my music from the beginning and I have to dive more into that now, it’s kinda what people need, whether they want it or not, it’s just gonna be full of realness. I have a little following/buzz going on so I’m going to throw it in there. There’s a few UK rap type beats to keep it current, I’m only gonna be saying honest truths, keeping the beats bouncy and the bars real…Everything we’re talking about right now is gonna be in there. Every time I do a ‘Behind Closed Doors’, any part of the series has been in depth about my life. I don’t know when I’ll be making another tape, it’s gonna be an explanation to my supporters about why I feel the way I feel towards the industry even though it’s not personal, it’s just what I think. It’s about the stuff I don’t tweet about, I want people to learn from it.

Rae: You’ve spoken about being too honest about the life you’ve lived as it’s affected your music, mentioning that your time spent incarcerated put a cloud over your name. How do you feel the music industry has changed towards you in anyway throughout your pursuit?

Little Torment: To be honest I don’t feel the music industry has changed towards me in any way, it’s not personal or nothing like that (laughs). I know there’s stumbling blocks that are definitely being put in there by people, but that’s something I’m aware of and have to work around because of things that have happened. I don’t think it’s personal, I think the industry’s in a place where it’s not really for someone like me do you know what I mean? It’s not for real road rappers, it doesn’t care about what’s going down on the roads right now, it’s denouncing it. I’ve met people that I thought were mad cool and showed me mad love, then the next day it’s different because of something they heard, or they’ve blown up, but at the same time I’ve met artists that are already in great positions that have showed me love. I don’t know the industry if I’m being honest, I might know certain people, but the industry don’t fuck with me…I don’t know how this stuff really works if I’m being honest I’m just going with the flow. If I blew up tomorrow, my opinion’s still gonna be the same, I feel like the relationships aren’t really real, it’s just business, I just take everything at face value.

Rae: Who would you like to see yourself collaborate with and why?

Little Torment: It would have to be Chip…Chip reached out to me a long time ago…about 6 years ago. Even though I take it at face value, it means a lot at the end of the day. It kept me going, from he can reach out it showed me I had something going on here. He’s popped up a few times over the years and it’s always been love. So if I could initiate anything without saying anything it would be Chip (laughs). I got a lot of respect for Blade and Rapman as well, when I said I’ve met cool people in this industry they were the people I was talking about. I never knew Rapman before music and anytime he’s there giving advice or showing support, he’s 100.

Rae: You’ve said that this year you’re going to put time and energy in to the youth and you urge others from a similar background to do the same, what do you plan to do for the youth and what is your advice to your younger listeners?

Little Torment: It’s so mad because at the moment I wanna do so much more, but at this time the only thing I can do is speak on things. Speak to whoever wants to listen and try and give them an insight to the truth, to what people don’t see. Where I’m at in life right now, I can be an advocate. Some say I am, some may not agree, but I don’t really feel like I am right now because of where I am in life and my choices, and things I still get up to on a daily basis. It’s hard for me to speak out sometimes because people can point out how I live. Sometimes I’ve even refrained from speaking out but I’m fully at a point now where I’m going to say what I want to, and whoever wants to listen or take something from it can. It’s kinda frustrating that I can’t do much right now except for telling my side. I get young people hitting me up all the time for advice about some real stuff that’s going on out here, I’ve always got time for them, whether it’s about their GCSE’s coming up or anything else. I wanna give them the truth and put energy into them, a lot of kids are being fed a lie, it’s not nice out here. Olders hit me up all the time as well, it’s what kind of made me realise that I need to put myself into a position where I can be heard loud and proud. I know there will always be backlash because really I have no legs to stand on saying certain things, if I changed my whole ways which I can’t do right now I’m sure there would be more people on board.