Get 2 Know: Lil Kay


5 years ago, after attending an event where he was encouraged to rap despite never rapping before, Lil Kay discovered he had a flair for piecing words together in a melodic fashion. His first track ‘Pounds’ quickly gained a buzz on Youtube, which he says has carried him this far.

His musical influences stem from Toronto, where his father lives and also pursues a musical rap career. Championed by rapper Bonkaz after opening for one of his shows, it was after dropping ‘Roadman Remix’ on Link Up Tv last year which gained over 77k views that has allowed for a change in his direction.

Rae: You started music five years ago when you went to an event where you were encouraged to rap baring in mind you’d never rapped before, but it was last year you took a career in music seriously when you dropped a video with Link Up TV which forced you to change your direction completely. What would you be doing now if you hadn’t pursued your music ?

Lil Kay G5: Before the music I was interested in media, editing and all those things, the other side to the music stuff like videos. I used to be into stuff like that when I was just leaving school, I would have most likely got into all of that but my direction’s changed now 100%. When I dropped ‘Roadman Remix’ last year that’s when everything changed. I heard the track on Soundcloud, the guy on the hook, his name’s Mr Turner, he was the only one on it but it had about 200 views and had been out for 5 months. It was only a minute long and I thought the hook was cold but felt like he needed to be doing something with the verses. I shouted him and asked him if I could do something on it and he was like yea kool, so I did the remix and when I opened up at a show for Bonkaz he heard it he was gassed. I’d never met him before but he was genuine and said that he wanted to help push the tune and from there he helped me push it. The Soundcloud went off and then I dropped the video, from there and it went mad. Soundcloud did kick it off for me but the tune blew more on Spotify and Apple Music. Bonkaz has more of a connection with Link Up, so he helped me get it on there….4/5 years ago when I made ‘Pounds’ my first track which was just for fun, I wasn’t really thinking about money, it was just for fun going to the studio with my guys. When ‘Roadman’ came out I started to going to different shows and meeting different people, big artists shouted me. I started to clock…rahh… I could actually make something from this, so I started taking the music more seriously and have been for about two years now.

Rae: What’s the story behind your name ?

Lil Kay G5: With Lil Kay now, in school one of my bredrin’s would call me Kay so it stuck from then. The first letter of my government name starts with K and I just added the little coz in school I was short, I’ve grown in height now but I was proper short back in school compared to everyone else (laughs). The G5 thing is just a movement, you know how you’ve got the Jet G5 ? So just flying high above people, so I just added that coz Lil Kay is a little plain so wanted to  add my own sauce to it.

Rae: With you having strong ties to Toronto, you’ve mentioned that you listen to rappers such as Robin Banks, French Montana and Pressa. With the music you’ve delivered being more on a melodic rap wave, who would you say has been influential in your sound ?

Lil Kay G5: Yea 100%, my dad lives there so I listen to people more from Toronto and America, so like Young Thug, all these people with their melodic sounds, they inspire me more. There’s a few U.K artists as well, that inspire me, I just like to make different music and different sounds.

Rae: How did you get nominated for a ‘Rated Award’ ?

Lil Kay G5: My bredrin Lynch put us through to some up and coming new artists vote, out of a good 50 people or so our one got through. The tune that Lynch sent through was one where I was the main person on the tune, he was on the verse. I didn’t even know he’d done it. They asked us to come and perform a next tune, this time it was out of 12 people and out of the 12 only 6 would go through. I went down with my brerdrin OJ because Lynch couldn’t come and we ended up getting through, so it ended up being me, Lynch and OJ at the Rated Awards.

Rae: What do you have planned for yourself and are you looking to get signed ? What’s the next move for you ?

Lil Kay G5: My main achievement is just to be so well versed in the music that I can live comfortably from it. My main aim is to live my dream…. I always say I never know how I feel about being signed, you get that inner feeling when you know what’s right and you know what’s wrong when it comes your way.

Rae: From your first initial videos that you’ve dropped until now, how do you feel you’ve grown musically and have peoples’ attitudes towards you changed since you started ?

Lil Kay G5: With growth it’s mad coz sometimes I don’t see it, but sometimes I compare and look at the following I’ve got which has been organic from then until now. Especially the amount of plays the music gets, before it would be 5k-10k but now it’s around 100k per tune, I’m not at the millions yet but the growths there. When I started getting views some people that I’ve gone to school with or have just been sitting on my socials for time and haven’t supported jumped on the bandwagon when they started to see I was doing good, that’s one thing I’ve noticed.

Rae: You do a lot of collaborations, are we going to see any music that’s just you ? And what can we expect to see from you for 2019 ?

Lil Kay G5: I know ! I’m ready to take it serious now… What it is, is that I was just doing it more just as like a playful thing. So I’d be in the studio with my guys and whoever wants to make a tune we would just do it and drop a video to it. I had nuff tunes to myself but I wasn’t ready to drop them, but now I’ve worked more on my sound and I’ve found it. I’ve just dropped ‘Secured The Bag’ on Link Up TV, I have a lot more solos ready to drop now, so that’s how it’s gonna be from now on. I can’t really say much but all I know…. there’s definitely big things and consistency to come. I’m ready…