Get 2 Know Kara Marni


With a vast vocal range and the capacity to hit the whistle notes register (a trait of artists such as Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis), Get 2 Know Kara Marni, the born creative sporting an authentic, playful and earthly vibe.

British Vogue tipped the musician as a rising star in 2018, going on to add her to Vogue’s – One’s To Watch In 2019. Kara’s EP, Love Just Ain’t Enough was added to the Ten Most Underrated Projects of 2018 by Noisey, alongside other impressive turning points with her single, Move, dubbed Track Of The Week by BBC Radio 1, to touring with singer Raye.

Kara’s newest release Lose My Love has already accumulated over 300,000 streams, been featured as DJ Ace’s Track Of The Week on BBC 1 xtra, and been added to Spotify playlists, This Is How We Do, New Hip Hop and RnB and RnB UK.

On top of Kara’s summer already full of upcoming festivals and events, the singer will embark on her 7 date UK and EU tour in October.

Kara Marni

Rae: Growing up and drawing inspiration from soulstresses Minnie Riperton, Lauryn Hill and Sade, your own sound is a fusion of Soul and R&B. Who are you currently listening to? And is there anyone in the UK that you think you would create an interesting sound with?

Kara: There’s so much amazing R&B talent at the moment especially in the UK. I’m listening to Ray Blk, Jorja, Joy Crooks, so much amazing female R&B talent in the UK at the moment. I really love Col3trane too and think we could create something cool.

Rae: It was in secondary school that you posted a cover on YouTube of you singing Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You” which gave birth to the relationship you have with your manager. If you hadn’t uploaded that video and embarked on a musical endeavour, what do you think you would be doing now?

Kara: I would still be doing what I am because I believe if something is meant to happen it does. Music is my purpose and what I’m here to do, so it would’ve happened but in a different way. This was just how it worked out for me and my journey.

Rae: With your love of music heavily influenced from drives to school with your mother, listening to your dad’s vinyl collection and your grandmother recognising your musical abilities from a young age, how have they reacted to your successes?

Kara: They are very proud. My Yiayia saw me singing on the TV the other day and she cried, bless her. Unfortunately it doesn’t help me get away with anything at home!

Rae: Excelling in English and creative writing at school led to you creating music which resonates deeper than commercial catching sing-a-longs. Irrespective of the topic, what’s the creative process behind a song in the making for you? Do you have any signature components that you always start with that give form to your songs?

Kara: Thank you, to be honest each time can be different but I usually have something I want to write about, a concept, then the lyrics flow as I experiment with different melodies.

Rae: The inspiration for Lose My Love came from feeling sick of being messed about. As a busy creative who draws inspiration from all different sources, what non-musical tendencies do you engage in? And how important is that to your artistry?

Kara: I’m really close with my family and best friends, who I love hanging with. We’re quite adventurous, because in the little down time we do have we want to make the most! It’s important for my artistry because it keeps me inspired, hearing what’s going on in their lives,  and helps me put certain things going on in my life into perspective.