Get 2 Know Jay1


With his latest single, Your Mrs, being played absolutely everywhere, mainstream radio stations have championed the song which is on constant rotation. Rapper Jay1 has accumulated well over 4 million streams since the release of his track which has taken the scene by storm. After finding success with That’s My Bae, when his challenge went viral on Instagram, the artist’s Spotify streams began racking up the numbers which in turn spurred interest from major labels.

With his recent Fire In The Booth exposing a different side to the Coventry rapper, he is currently working on his EP, set to deliver with unexpected collaborations, alongside performing at a handful of summer festivals, and his headline show on June 11 at 02 Academy; which has already sold out.

Rae: With your interest for music fully developing in 2016, where did your musical influences stem from?

Jay1: Drake played a big part, I listened to a lot of Jay Z, Kanye, Chip, Stormzy and all of the UK artists that were up and coming. I like J Spades as well…

Rae: You recently dropped some pain in your Fire In The Booth, from living in London, moving to Coventry and later finding success, what has your musical journey taught you so far?

Jay1: When I was young, London was expensive, so my family decided to move to Coventry. The first year I moved I found it hard, but I had to get used to the fact that this is where I live. I had a lot to learn so young… We moved when I was 17, I’ve learnt that having good friends is important. One of my friends who I met in college was one of the people that was actively encouraging me to put my energy in to my music.

Rae: You’ve performed with artists such as Not3s, Nadia Rose and AJ Tracey, with your own headline show in June already sold out, what else would you like to see your artistry achieve?

Jay1: There’s a lot of things… I want to get more plaques, I have started collecting some already. I wanna have an imprint in the younger generation and just be the main guy.

Rae: What do you think you’d be doing now if you hadn’t chosen to pursue music?

Jay1: I was working towards doing something in the sports industry, most likely I would be studying to become a P.E teacher.

Rae: Who ideally would you like to see yourself collaborate with?

Jay1: Probably 21 Savage, I like his flow, he’s got a good tone and I think we would work well together.

Rae: After making it into the UK Official Top 40, having success with That’s My Bae and Your Mrs, what can we expect to hear from you next?

Jay1: I’m working towards an EP that should be coming, I’m still working on a few tracks with a few artists, that should be out towards summer, and I should be doing my own tour in September.