Get 2 Know Yung Tory In New And Exclusive Interview



After being held at Gatwick Airport, for the majority of the day he was meant to be on his a press run, Toronto artist Yung Tory made a pit stop out of the interrogation room and into the streets of London to perform at his first U.K show as part of his 10 date tour ‘Yung Tory And Friends’, which has taken the musician to Canada, France, England, Italy and Germany.

Championed by Lil Durk and signed to OTF (Only The Family Records), he  describes himself as a melodic rapper who infuses Trap, Pop, Rock Country music into his sound.

Growing up in a devoted Rastafarian household he began experimenting with piecing words together after hearing rap music from his karaoke game on his Xbox.

Crossing the pond has now enabled him to embrace the U.K scene resulting in him collabortaing on new music with Nafe Smallz and Yung Fume.

Rae: Growing up in a committed Rastafarian household who were your musical influences and what are your thoughts on current day Rap and Trap ?

Yung Tory: Both my mum and my dad are Rastas, my whole life that’s how it’s been, so growing up they used to listen to Dancehall music and Reggae s***. I went to a private school in Atlanta called Children Of The Most High, we went on a field trip to the studio and I sounded like Lil Bow Wow or some s***, that’s when I realised I wanted to make music. My dad got me an Xbox and it had some karaoke s*** on it and that was when I got into the Rap. So I started bumping it, and I had a voice, so from when I was like 11 I got into it. I was in Atlanta so they used to play that ratchet s*** a lot on the radio. My favourite artist back in the day was Lil Wayne, he was like one of my biggest influences, even to today I’m still on my Lil Wayne s***. He uses a lot of metaphors and s*** and punchlines and that’s what I do too. I bump 50 Cent, I f*** with Styles P and I f*** with Jadakiss. In Rap there’s a lot of singer guys and s***  and then you got the hood n*****s too.

Rae: When you started pursuing music and dropped ‘Free Dope’, did you ever except to acquire the magnitude of attention that you did so quickly ?

Yung Tory: Oh yea, that’s what I do, I don’t just make music for the sake of making music, I know my s*** good, it’s not cocky it’s confident, so I knew it was gonna blow up how it blew up. In all honesty I think it could of blew up bigger than that, I made some different choices…but it got me in the game and got my name out there, I knew that was gonna happen. I honestly thought it was gonna be bigger that that…. that’s where my head was back in the days. S***, n*****s started answering my dm’s, people that that weren’t really getting back to me before. The first tape changed my life really, people that never used to f*** with me wanted to start f*****g with me, but I know it’s for clout. I was in the studio and Uzi came up to me saying he knows me and s***, n***** already knew who I was before I even spoke to him.

Rae: Who in the U.K would you like to collaborate with ?

Yung Tory: I wanna do something with Giggs and Skepta and all the big guys. I used to listen to Section Boyz a lot after I found about them on Youtube. Now I listen to n****s that hit me up like Fume, Nafe, that’s really all of it. I’m not too in tune with the music scene out here anymore but im working on it.

Rae: What do you think you’d be doing now if you hadn’t pursued music ?

Yung Tory: I’d be selling weed, trapping, some s*** like that, getting this money…I’d be trapping and doing a 9-5 (laughs) smart man.

Rae: What can we expect to hear from you in the near future ?

Yung Tory:Right now I’m trying to perfect my craft, by the next show I’d have perfect sounds, I like a lot of different voices when I make music which is why I say sounds. I’m inspired by life, it’s what I do, I don’t write s*** I don’t do, you’ll never hear me talking about shooting n*****s or nothing like that, just girls, life, turn up and that kinda s***.