Fugzi Malone’s Raises The Grime Levels On ‘Carrie White’


North West London’s Fugzi Malone was a regular fixture on radio with HODB (Hot Off Da Block). Building a reputation with his riot inciting bars and the tourette’s like ‘DEMON’ voice. And then…he pulled a Kanye. Stepping away from the mic to become more involved in his burgeoning LDN LYF clothing brand.

And while it’s always great to see a brand being built…bars please!!!

I’m a straight shellers on mic, don’t care if you got donnies with you, like Raph or Leo/ still shredder a trio, these guys ain’t rocksteady only get a wheelup cos they drop heavy/’

The Carrie White EP is 8 tracks loosely based on some of his favourite horror characters from true crime and fiction. It’s a natural combination as Fugzi’s aggressive rapid fire punchline style.

Fugzi charges through punchlines without celebrating them. And the beats match his punishing flow. Beats are hard, bars are hard but it’s the combination of the two that make the EP work so well. Reminiscent of late light radio sets with bootleg instrumentals; the energy isn’t watered down for the mainstream. There’s no forced label collabs or pop hooks or structures. The whole point of the EP is to bang.

Carrie White is that grime sound that you’ve been missing. A relentless barrage of bars and beats that serve as a reminder why we all fell in love with the scene in the first place.

Stream/Download Carrie White: here.