Floyd Mayweather uses homophobic words after accusing Conor McGregor of racism


During one of their press tours, Floyd Mayweather used a homophobic slur when insulting Conor McGregor. At the time, Mayweather called his opponent a “punk” and a “faggot,” among other choice insults.

A rep for Mayweather later told TMZ that Mayweather only used that language in response to provocation, saying that McGregor had earlier called the boxer a “monkey” off-mic.

“The reason Floyd called Conor the F word is because Conor called Floyd a monkey,” the rep said. “Floyd has nothing against gays or lesbians at all … Floyd has them on his staff. Floyd has nothing but the utmost respect for gays and lesbians.”

In a separate incident, this isn’t the first time that McGregor has been called racist, the UFC fighter previously called black actors in a scene from Rocky III “dancing monkeys” during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Guillermo Rodriguez. He also joked that he was half-black, “from the belly button down.”