Floyd Mayweather Is This Generation’s OJ Simpson


Anyone who tells you America isn’t a racist country; is a liar. Americans know they live in a racist country; they just don’t like having to look at it. Police brutality and systemic racism was no secret; but the Rodney King tape made America stare it’s racist present dead in the face. When all the officers involved were acquitted the collective injustice lead to the LA Riots. OJ Simpson walking free from the vicious murder of his estranged wife and her boyfriend, was timing and nothing more. Regardless of how the black community felt about him; regardless of the fact that many felt he was guilty; regardless of the fact that OJ didn’t consider himself black ‘I’m not black, I’m OJ‘; seeing a black man beat the justice system stopped LA imploding.

So when Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor, it’d be easy to simply write them off as BOTH as bad as each other; fact is, they’re not. Conor McGregor (despite his denials) is a flagrant racist; but Floyd Mayweather is by the far the worse person. Even minus the MULTIPLE domestic violence charges (including one where he beat the mother of his child in front of his child and when the child ran to call the police he threatened to beat him too) he’s still a garbage human being.

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He’s a misogynist, dumb as hell and even IN 2017 calls Donald Trump a friend! (Interestingly Conor doesn’t) But this fight wasn’t really about Floyd versus Conor. Straight up; it was about race, black versus white.

But first, a detour to monoliths.

The more black people try to establish themselves as individuals, the more they’re considered a monolith. No, every black person doesn’t listen to hip hop; no, every black person isn’t good at basketball; no, every black person doesn’t want to hear about your ‘life changing’ trip to Africa and no your black friend who said ‘everyone should be able to say ni__er‘ doesn’t speak for all of us. And if that paragraph changed anything this article would cease to exist. But the truth is black people are a monolith by whoever’s judging them; so on this rare occasion, we’ll make all Conor McGregor fans a monolith too.


Even if when we say Mayweather is Team Black People, pretty much no one backs him. The black community will make all the excuses under the sun for R Kelly, Usher and Michael Jackson but for many Floyd is indefensible.

The black people that didn’t defend OJ Simpson certainly existed; but without social media their voices weren’t heard. Now, however there are endless think pieces on Mayweather. Thinkpieces about why we shouldn’t forget the monster behind the achievements. And for the most part we don’t. the black community don’t excuse Mayweather’s personal life.

McGregor, however is different. It’s up to you whether you feel he’s a racist or not:

‘I own this town, I own Rio de Janeiro, so for him to say that he is the king and I am the joker, if this was a different time, I would invade his favela on horseback, and would kill anyone who wasn’t fit to work’

Or how about when he was interviewed for the Jimmy Kimmel show and when asked if he could beat Rocky in Rocky III he responded:

‘That was the one with the dancing monkeys in the gym?’

And of course the comment that sparked all this?

‘Dance for me boy’

While clapping his hands, which of course is what slave masters used to do to encourage young black slaves to dance for their entertainment.

You want to say McGregor isn’t racist? Cool. But those are definitely racist comments and he 100% knows it. He compares himself to slave masters and black people to monkeys, but ok he’s not a racist. Regardless though, McGregor isn’t the problem. No one defends Floyd, but bring up McGregor’s comments to his fans and not only will they be downplayed as ‘trash talk’ but will be completely defended as ‘clearly’ not racist. Whether McGregor is racist or not, A LOT of his fans are.



…and that’s just a taste of what Twitter had to offer. .

I’m certain there’s a healthy percentage of McGregor fans that don’t want to ‘Make America Great Again‘ but judging them as a monolith, it’s clear that McGregor represents everything that white supremacy is: pure unfiltered white mediocrity.

Is he a talented fighter? Of course, his record and his talent speak for itself; but the idea that he thought he could jump in the ring untrained with a professional boxer with ZERO LOSSES and not get battered, well that’s about up there with a failed businessman with zero political qualifications thinking he can run the most powerful seat on the planet. Connor McGregor is the ultimate white supremacist delusion.

90% of them are overweight, middle aged men, who would struggle to tell you what makes them better than everyone else outside of ‘*mumble…mumble…America‘. And they’re rarely even the pure blooded aryans that they worship. Even Hitler had both JEWISH AND AFRICAN DNA. And don’t get me started on ‘fake news’. A term they invented when they are challenged with facts that expose their hypocrisy (Like the fact that all these Nazi’s seem to think this dead Jewish guy would be on their side)

But in a world where Trump is president, of course McGregor can beat a trained professional at his own game. Because in a white supremacists mind Conor is better simply because he’s white.

You’ve seen it in the VERY old white man calling the strong young black man a ni__er and being completely surprised when the young black man beat the breaks off him. You’ve even seen it in the creation of the hip hop Illuminati; ‘How are these black people becoming multi- millionaires? Oh! Must be devil worship!‘ And of course you’ll see it when all the conspiracy theories about the fight being fixed start to emerge. It’s what happens when high functioning fantasy meets reality.

So will Floyd Mayweather knocking out Conor McGregor suddenly stop police murdering black people? No. Will Nazi’s disappear overnight? No. Will it be a brief respite for a large portion of the black community? Maybe. Is it nice to see a black man knock out someone that white supremacists cape so hard for. Certainly.

Believe me the black community would kick Mayweather out of it were possible. But Mayweather isn’t the black community’s hero, as much as a hired gun providing a service. So yes, Floyd Mayweather is a garbage human being and this fight won’t change that; but sometimes you need a trash bag to take out the trash.