RM Is In Town! Check Him Out Before You Roll To #TheDrop

Link Up TV: The Drop: RM

With our monthly event The Drop almost upon us, we’ve been running through what we can expect from the amazingly talented acts we have performing on the night! This is one not to be missed, as we have been blessed to be able to put together yet another great event for the third time in three months with yet another amazing lineup!

Yesterday we looked at two upcoming acts, who of course will be bringing that heat to our platform too! If you’re still a little curious about what to expect from Olami Still and Shayne Brown, please be sure to check out those articles by clicking on their respective names.

Now, without further adieu, let’s take a closer look at Brum Town road rapper RM! This special rapper has been consistently churning out stellar releases for over a decade, to the point where loyal, long time RM fans and casual UK Rap fans alike will remember the Birmingham based rapper looking a lot slimmer when he first started out.

The Say Narda rapper has also been a Link Up TV regular for a long time, with a crazy number of music videos and freestyles featured on our channel in very consistent fashion! Including his most recent cinematic set of visuals Ride Out.

If you know anything about RM, you probably know about Remtrex too, the pair were definitely a deadly combination when spitting together almost 2 years ago. Despite the bump in the road, RM continues to go from strength to strength, as his powerful, charismatic delivery, credibility and clear, concise ability to story tell with potent imagery filled lyrics.

RM has definitely been a very quiet innovator with regards to his craft as he goes about his journey making a lot of waves in the Birmingham UK Rap scene, often being ahead of the curve – with the different strategies he’d deploy with the marketing of his brand; doing meet and greats quite early on and so much more!

Make sure you check out some more visuals from the talented rapper to get a little more familiar with what he does and take him in!

If you’ve got a ticket and are coming down to this months edition of The Drop you will definitely be in for treat! The lineup is fire and who knows what special guests may roll up this time! Make sure you’re ready to turn up with us and enjoy the live show!