Ferdi Calls Out Producer K.A.D For Being ‘Fake’

Ferdi Coming Fast

FerdiComingFast has been a viral sensation for a funny video that spiralled on the internet, it can take one video or one tweet for someone to go viral on the internet and since then Ferdi’s life has changed. He dropped a song called “why you coming fast” on GRM Daily and within a short time the video hit 1 millions views which is crazy for someone who has just entered the industry. Ferdi isn’t wasting no time getting himself out in the industry and after going viral, he has also been seen promoting events that he will be attending.

It’s seems a few people in the entertainment industry are accepting his quick rise to fame, he even uploaded a video on his instagram of him going live with our very own comedian Michael Dapaah. Not everyone seems to be impressed with Ferdi’s rise of fame and how the internet works, as Joe Grind a rapper comments on GRM Daily’s post pointing out that everyone is talking about a meme comedian instead of the like’s of Stylo G and his power link up with Nicki Minaj and Vybz Kartel.

K.A.D a artist, producer and remixer agreed with the statement Joe Grind had to say describing the situation has “getting dumb now” but Ferdi clapped back and called K.A.D fake has he wanted to make a song with Ferdi. Not everyone will agree with how the internet works especially has people have to grind and work hard to get a big platform in music, however seems Ferdi is ready to call out anyone for dismissing his music.