Fazer to produce X-Factor winner x-mas song


X Factor may have had it’s fair share of beef’s and drama’s this year but at least one person will come out smiling.

N Dubz rapper Fazer has been in talks with Syco who produce the show and are the label that signs the X-Factor winners, who have also signed Labrinth.

In a talk with The Sun, he confirmed that he’ll produce the Christmas song for X-Factor winner:

“I’ll be producing for the X Factor winner, it’s been decided. This isn’t just a hook-up with Tulisa, I’m going to work with whichever act wins.” he added, 

“I’ve been talking to SyCo about working on a few different things for them. We really want to give a new flavour to the X Factor acts. It’s going to suit me. I have rock influences, hip-hop, pop, whatever”


By Jay Jeezey

Edited by Tanya Royes