#EXCLUSIVE Swarmz talks rise of fame, future plans in music career and more!


New to the game and rising with fame, 21 year old ‘Swarmz’ has been building a concrete reputation as one of the fastest new and upcoming rappers in 2018. The Borough of Greenwich native with Jamaican and Bajan roots brings his culture into his music, by making melodic afro-bashment and afro-swing music which is taking over in the UK music scene.

Swarmz’s biggest single yet, which goes by the name of ‘Lyca’, currently has over 5.8K Million views on YouTube. The star gained 510K views in two days which is highly impressive and shows the love of his music is far reached. To find out what Swarmz has coming up next and what his future plans are with his evolving music career, read our exclusive interview with Swarmz below.

How did you get the name ‘Swarmz’ ?


“Literally, I don’t even know. It was a random thing from school. In the playground we used to go in a circle and just rap. Back then it was Swarmzy B, and I just changed it to Swarmz and left it”


What made you want to pursue music as a career?


“Well, in my household, music is a big thing. My family love music and it’s one of the biggest things in my household. So, I grew up around Jamaican music, like Vybz Kartel and Bob Marley. I’ve enjoyed it, so I wanted to try it for myself. I wanted to do a UK kind of one, but bring the elements of Jamaica and Africa”


So would you say that is big influence on how you rap?


“Yeah for this instance, because I like expressing my feelings and representing where I am from through what I do. It’s a good way to get the message out”


How would you describe your music?


“I would say the genre is afro-bashment and afro-swing”


Some artists get their beats sent to them then write over it, or write and then find the perfect beat, how do you prefer to make music?


“I would rather do them myself or with one of my boys in my car. I would literally have a beat on, then, I write the chorus first. With the way I write, it fits any beat. When I get in the booth, I will lay the chorus down and will freestyle the first and second verse, so it all comes natural. With Lyca I freestyled it”


Let’s get into the song Lyca, with it currently being at 5.3million views on YouTube and blowing up fast, did you anticipate the song being that big?


“I saw the promotion and that it was hitting other countries and it might do numbers, but when it came out, we just kept refreshing it, but it was going up really quick. My target was 700K, but then I saw it get 510K in two days, so I was like ‘it’s going to hit a million’. Since then, it hasn’t stopped; it’s just growing and growing”


So, how do you deal with the new found fame?


“My life is so different. Everything is coming at me so fast that I still think it’s a dream. It’s so crazy. I’m doing a lot of interviews now and getting noticed in my area and other areas. Hearing myself on the radio and other places, I’m on TV on 4Music and that. It’s mad…”


Would TV be something you would pursue in the future? Or any other forms of media?


“Yeah, of course. With the music thing, you have to do modelling as well. I do a couple shoots and I like that stuff man because it’s different. It sends out a good look and it’s positive”


With the visuals to your music videos, do you have any input or just let the creative camera team do their thing?


“Like in Lyca and my music I say, ‘This is the 9 side’, I’m from Greenwich SE9, and I wanted to video it where we grew up. It weren’t really a flashy video or nothing; it was a natural video to show everyone, like boom. We didn’t really organise nothing, we just laid it down, went to a couple scenes and made it as natural as it is. So like, that’s why it has everyone in it, just doing what they’re doing and it worked. It was so natural”


Who do you feel and listen to in the UK right now?


“I like to listen to Kojo Funds, Stormzy…I think Not3s is a good artist as well. I like Steff London because she’s from the hood and because she’s got Jamaican in her, she uses it in her music and everyone likes it. Then she’s gone and made a song with French Montana, and that’s mad, it’s big news. I like Ms Banks as well, she’s versatile and she’s got links with Nicki Minaj and that, so it’s good for the music and the scene”


Who would be your dream collaboration?


“Umm, before Lyca came out, Krept and Konan, well Krept, he put ‘Swarmz biggest banger out’, so I would like to do a song with them. I grew up on them as well; everyone knows they’re the punch line kings. They done Otis, the song with Abra Cadabra ‘Robbery’ and Freak of the Week. If that came my way, I would definitely take it. In the UK I’d like to collab with Stormzy, Skepta as well and in the U.S, A Boogie, Drake and Chief Keef. I grew up on Chief Keef, I follow with him. He’s an investor now, so he does Casinos and clothing lines and stuff like that. He’s still in the scene but he’s doing underground work right now”


So, would you like to do anything like that, like a clothing line etc.?


“Yeah, my friend and that, we got our clothing line coming out soon called Zero Mileage, so we are all working together to get that out. It’s for everyone; babies, jeans jackets, we got the summer wear, shorts, holiday wear, hats, sliders, got everything going on’


Are you planning to keep releasing singles or are you trying to put an EP together?


“Yeah, I’ve released Lyca as a single and the Lyca Remix is coming out soon. I’m going to release another single and then I’m going to do an album. After the album, I’m going to try and get a headline show in London”


Do you see yourself touring?


“Yeah yeah yeah, of course! I do see myself touring, that’s something I’d love. My mum was saying to me, not a lot of people love their job, they have to do it to make a living, but me, I love what I’m doing and I’m getting recognition for it”


Who would you say inspired you to do music?


“Yeah they inspired me, because some people who are doing music now come from not the best background and not those posh areas. So, to get where they are now, do what they’re doing now, wear what they’re wearing now, and getting the recognition. Wiley meeting the queen and big things happening, it shows you there’s a chance to make it out.”


What do you want to accomplish in your music career?


“I just want to be known as a very good musician that makes people happy and enjoy themselves. I want to put my town on the map, my friends as well, and everyone around me, I just want us all to live a good life and that, with no worries”


Would you want to make music of another genre or keep your sound?


“I wouldn’t say I’m just afro-bashment afro-swing, that’s just what I’ve come in the scene as. But, I can do Rap, Grime…I could do everything. I will start mixing things up to show that i’m a versatile artist, but right now, it’s just a little afro-bashment afro-swing thing right now because that’s what’s popping”


You recently signed with Virgin Records, what made you want to sign?


“It was just a chance to get my name out there; they got links so I can work with other artists and that. It’s a positive look as well, hearing someone from our area just got signed is a big thing. it’s an opportunity that I couldn’t really turn down. It’s putting me in a positive place right now’


What has been the highlight of your career so far?


“Signing, signing, and the hit Lyca. It changed my life because everything I’m doing around it. My life is music now, but before I used to play professional football, playing for Fulham and Charlton. But now I’m seeing everything happening, Americans reacting to my music and stuff like that, it’s crazy.”

Thanks to Swarmz