EXCLUSIVE: D Power talks Independent Label EB Records and more!


Today I had the chance to interview Grime veteran D Power, with over a decade of experience in the Grime industry, D Power who is the creation of Deja Vu radio station as well as playing a huge role in the creation of your favourite Grime crews such as More Fire Crew, Roll Deep, Nasty Crew and Boy Better Know.

Last year D Power founded label called ‘EB Records’ which is an independent label only, with three artists signed already, Stogey, Danny Dorito and Audio Slugs, the movement is looking huge already. Joined the interview was also Select Impact, here’s what they had to say:
Ebrecords was founded last year, was the initial aim to create a label, find some dope artists and sign them or was there more of a deeper meaning?

“Finding dope artists was definitely one of the reasons but the main reason is to contribute to the U.K music scene and to have a good independent label to push good artists.”

How important are independent labels? What are the pro’s and cons of being signed to an independent label rather than a major label?

“They can have a lot more freedom when it comes to what and when they want to release their music. They will own more or less all of their music and have the potential to make 5x more than being signed to a major label. If we work for it, we can get the money, it’s all about pushing yourself.”
D power, you have over a decade of experience in the Grime industry and your latest song Shelly was released last month featuring footsie, how was that? Two heavyweights in the game, did you enjoy it? 

“It was fun, but at the end of day we’re friends, we’re the same so we do have to be careful what we say, but in the end it turned out to be a really good tune!”

The word ‘shelly’ can you explain what that means for the people who don’t know?

“Shelly basically means you’re going in, you’re doing the most. Hard bars, hard lyrics. What we’re doing now!”

Grime is now being noticed worldwide, why do you think the recognition is more now than ever?

“Why we got recognised and how we brought grime up from the ground was because we was youths and nothing sells more than what the kids are into. The sad thing is, as we got older 80% of the artists saw that their was a way into the rap industry and left the grime scene but eventually they had to return.”

Many people feel the Grime scene is more political now than ever, why do you think this is? Do you use your music as a way to express yourself and be heard or do you do because it’s something you love?

“Yes it is more political now and that’s because the youths want to be involved in everything, the garage scene before tried to take it away from us. Grime is the best to express yourself, as a young boy growing up I felt like I couldn’t talk to my mum so having music to turn to was my way of expressing myself.”

You’ve created this platform which gives artists a chance to send their music to you, do you feel you can offer a lot of wisdom and knowledge through experience to the people trying to get a foot in the door?

“What I will do in the future is jump back on the radio, that way I don’t have to bring everyone to the label. I can give an artist a time slot and let him play his music and gain recognition from there. Before we didn’t need labels, we had the radio and the radio has power so if we can get the radio powerful again that would be a start. Artists also have to want this, you have to put in the work to get the money but also remember that the money doesn’t start straight away.”

I’ve seen all over the social media sites that your big showcase is coming up, for those who haven’t seen the flyer yet, could you tell them who will be there, and what you hope from the night?

“Yeah, we’ve got my signings (stogey, Danny, audio slug) then we’ve got impact, we’ve got more originals including Footsie and Jammer. It’s gonna be a live show, lots of live acts, we’re gonna be performing the songs that we’ve dropped over the last few months and after that we’re just gonna go in full grime style, artists, mic, dj’s… everything!”

Right now you only have three artists signed to your label, are you looking for more? 

“Honestly right now all my time is going into these three, it’s not that I’m looking for more it’s more like I don’t want people just jumping on the bandwagon, if they join the team they have to be hard working, have the same aura as us, not something they just want for now and not next week. I want people who want to have a career in this for the next 25 years.”

I can imagine 2017 is going to be a big year for you, what can we expect from Ebrecords?

“We’re going to America in September and Jamaica in December to perform and also make music. Our diarys are booked up, we’ve got projects with everybody. Releases after releases!”

Stogey, Danny and Audio Slug what have you learnt since being signed with D Power?

Stogey – “If you put in that work you’ll get far, from being around him and other pioneers has taught me a lot.”

Danny – “As long as you work hard you can achieve what you want, working hard is important. D Power has taught us a lot about what we should be doing.”

Lastly, D Power what words of wisdom can you give anyone trying to become established?

“Don’t base your achievements or worth based on getting noticed or rated by other artists, just get your head down, do what you do, do it consistently and something will happen, big or small it will happen, it might take one year it might take three but it will happen!”

“You can still stay real street and get that number one spot, do you, do what you believe in.”

Wow! What an inspiring interview with some amazing artists, be sure to get your tickets to their big showcase, it’s not a night to miss! Tickets here.