Emmanuel Speaks releases powerful ‘Who Told You?’ featuring TE dness


Performance poet Emmanuel Speaks has repeatedly been breaking boundaries and furthering spoken word into the world of the mainstream. Using the power of his words to capture imagination, he’s all about wordplay, storytelling and ultimately, inspiring.

His latest single ‘Who Told You?’ is the first official single from his forthcoming album ‘The Composer’ and the track features none other than TE dness. The track stands as a clear sign that spoken word does not need to be conventional and emphasises Emmanuel Speaks’ desire to change the dynamics of spoken word by fusing it with music while continuing to maintain the eloquence, passion and excellence you’d expect from his poetry.

“I wrote Who Told You at a point in my life where I was just angry. Vexed because I felt underestimated. Under appreciated, in more ways than one. I soon realised I had nobody to blame but myself, so cue, the rebirth. I knew I was talented but I have so much more to give, so much unlocked potential and the ability to completely shift a culture by both putting more of my life into my art, exploring my curiosities through it, and marrying them with the experiences of loved ones to learn and grow.” he speaks.

Check out the track in full via Spotify below:

Who told you, we can’t win?