Dot Rotten Cemented P Money As The Best War MC In Grime


P Money v Dot Rotten was supposed to be the best clash ever. And while it certainly was one of the most entertaining clashes ever; it ended as all of P Money’s clashes do- victory. But this victory was different because this time P Money was finally up against a worthy opponent; so this win cemented P Money has the best War MC in grime.

P Money has only gotten better when it comes to clashing, the only thing that made his reputation disputable was his opponents. Ghetts admitted he was forced to reply to P Money’s sends and Big H quit the clash halfway through. So Dot Rotten was supposed to be the guy who finally put P through his paces. For 1. their flows are almost identical; 2 they’ve known each other for years, so they were bound to have loads of dirt on each other and  3. most importantly they’re two of the most talented lyricists in the scene.

So what went wrong?

3 things:

1. Facts
2. Spirit Bomb
3. Krept & Konan
4. P Money


This is anything from rumours to deeply personal stories. It’s easy to dig up dirt on your opponent; so nowadays a diss is only good as its facts and the facts are only as good as the source. While Dot managed to get under P’s skin with some of his comments; either his source isn’t as reliable as P’s or he’s just very comfortable lying:

Sian Anderson didn’t sleep with Maxsta and then block him from radio:

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 07.39.53

Little Dee

P Money didn’t rush Chip (because LITERALLY no one has said this)

So when you take all these lies, it becomes pretty obvious that ‘Jasmine’ is a lie. Firstly there’s zero evidence or even so much as a rumour for this; secondly if there were any truth to this surely Dot would’ve said something before on Snapchat, Twitter and made a 2 hour dub solely about ‘Jasmine’. Dot would’ve done everything in his power to make sure it was the biggest story of the year. So whether someone was feeding Dot misinformation or he thought he could just make up lies; either way playground disses when your opponent is making EP’s worth of verified facts on you, is a misfire.

This clash was Dot’s to lose. From the start of the clash P Money said he would not be clashing Dot; but Dot knew EXACTLY what to say to draw P  Money out. Really if not win, Dot should’ve been in the clash longer than this. Dot strategically drops ‘Facts‘ and ‘Steak Bake‘ within hours of each other without warning so purely to throw P’s following diss off and force him to scramble to reply. This resulted ‘Bruk Beyond Broke‘ was perfectly fine but the timing was off as it didn’t address any of Dot’s disses and so didn’t land.

Steak Bake‘ certainly stepped the levels of the clash up. For the most part it had been Dot defending throughout with some light jabs; but he finally reveals the full details of the disses he was referencing in earlier dubs, making ‘Steak Bake‘ his best dub yet. This suddenly turned this clash into the hardest P Money faced. Days after dropping ‘Bruk..‘ P has to rush to address the ‘G Checking’ comments and FINALLY it’s not lies; leaving Dot free to throw P off again. But instead, ‘Spirit Bomb‘.

The song pretty makes the argument for Dot being top 5 in the scene (a scene he’s not particularly fond of) What it doesn’t do is land any a single punch on P Money. It sounds like a ceasefire in the middle of a war. Was he resting on his laurels because of the success of ‘Steak Bake‘? Or was P Money’s ‘I Got Bars/Man Like Peri‘ dub rattle him till he felt he had to play defence again? Whatever it was ‘Spirit Bomb‘ should’ve been the death knell to the clash and instead he fumbled.

When deconstructing ‘Shut Up Blud‘ we see that if you really look at it, it’s not that deep. The majority of the first half of the dub was dedicated to the Dot threatening a 55 year old man with a samurai sword. The way P said it was hilarious; but it could’ve just as easily been turned into the sort of story where some dangerous, unhinged man is so on beef he waves a sword to an old man (or anyone) over a parking space. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very stupid thing to do to do; but let’s not pretend your favourite rapper hasn’t built careers bragging about worse. Only in P’s hands does it become a devastating blow. And while the Krept & Konan part of the dub is certainly shocking, the fall out is less that he is humiliated and more that Dot now has problems with more people.

No, the worst part of the Krept & Konan comments came from Dot stating that the voice note was taken out of context and were actually directed at P Money. Which of course he anticipated and then revealed the full voice note making it clear that Dot was talking in detail about Krept & Konan. What this really means is that as P has revealed Dot to be lying so blatantly that it now undermines all of Dot’s claims about P in the first place. P denied and explained everything that Dot said and now Dot being caught out like this arguably proves that P was telling the truth all along.

The final part of why P Money won is because he’s the best war MC in the scene:

P ended a clash by basically saying Dot used a samurai sword and that he said something about someone who had nothing to do with the clash. The worst things Dot said were that P got G checked by (Sanjay?) and Slaughter; which is at least in some part true and that he beat up Tweets By Betty; who posted (and later deleted) the tweets. These accusations are way more damaging than a samurai sword and talking behind someone’s back. And even more telling is the fact that anyone felt that P was winning at all. Dot getting rushed, being cheated on? Being broke? None of that should stick to a guy who literally tweeted about the incident in Nando’s, made a song about his relationship with Mz Bratt and has always focused on more spiritual matters than materialistic ones. So technically none of these disses should even land; but P’s delivery and skills when it comes to clashing means that he could make Dot curing cancer sound like an insult.

And whether or not there’s any truth to the G-checking and the Tweets by Betty accusations; Dot didn’t go even nearly far enough with them and in P’s hands? He would’ve made a 9 hour dub with Slaughter about the G-checking and would have shot a documentary on the Tweets by Betty comments. P calls himself ‘a tactician‘ and is always one step ahead of his opponent. Even when Dot started referencing the G checking he already had a dub to address those comments; Dot merely forced him to drop it earlier.

Dot was undoubtedly P’s fiercest opponent yet and it’s very likely this won’t be the last we hear from these two going back and forth; but the theatrics P displayed and how even with the heaviest body blows from Dot, he effortlessly managed to fire back even harder proves that he is the best War MC in the scene.