Does The Media Hate Black Men?


Does the media hate black men?
 Yes…of course it does. Between Raheem Sterling getting a tattoo, J Hus being blamed for the rise of knife crime and 1011 being banned from YouTube ‘coincidentally’ a week before YouTube launch a streaming service. It’s clear that the media is targeting black men.

Sorry too the mother of this kid that died,prayers to you and you family,and sorry to turn this even more negative. But I must say, It’s strange how when our music gets popular we make your shit news paper. Black yutes were dying weekly and barely made the south London Press, and what a surprise that it’s not about a kid losing his life, it’s just some bullshit story you made up about profit and Westwood. Look how the story starts “Former Radio 1….” not “Young kid loses his life…”😔 Suck your mums Sun newspaper. You lot are DONE. Your paper is so dead you’ve had to resort to writing about people you don’t care about. I give you lot another 2 years tops before you go bankrupt. @thesun DONE. Dirty filthy bastards.

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The Sun, The Mail, The BBC whoever find themselves all over the Drill bandwagon to frighten people into buying their papers. They make headlines that reinforce the most ignorant and paranoid thoughts of their audience and profit from it.

It’s a lot easier to demonise a group of people their audience has little relationship with.

A middle white aged man whose only interaction with a group of black boys is to hurriedly walk past them on the street can easily be convinced that they were planning rob him, stab him or shoot him;

Whereas headlines with YOUNG WHITE MEN ARE HOOLIGANS RAPISTS AND ARE COMMITING HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRES  wouldn’t sell papers as the audience would quickly realise that 1. Those headlines are about their sons, brothers, friends and co workers and 2. While statistically true, their sons, brothers, friends and co workers haven’t massacred anybody.

But newspapers are the OG clickbait. Ask yourself how many times you’ve seen a headline like:

For the most part…things are fine’


It has to be:




And you could argue that’s just how newspaper headlines work. But when sites use the same tactic to get rageclicks:

‘Young Thug is better than 2 Pac’

You realise newspapers don’t exist to inform, but more to sell advertising through paranoia and fear.

It’s no longer possible to put racism down to a ‘vocal minority’, you can judge that by the popularity of ‘I’m not being racist but…’ or that an unashamed racist was voted into the most powerful position on the planet.

And if that’s true, then surely there are people with similar views in less powerful positions. Judges, police, teachers, restaurant owners, café baristas then it becomes less conspiracy theory and more hard logic that there would be people in those positions unfairly targeting black men. 

The fact that Raheem Sterling can be dragged through the papers on a constant basis for things such a tattoo or spending too much or too little, whereas actual scum like John Terry are given a free ride in the press, is proof that the media does target black men and that there is clearly an audience for it.

And with drill music being the most popular sound to come out of England…since the last time black people decided to make music… once again it has been targeted. And a week before YouTube launch its streaming service, meaning that those entirely independent, no label music videos that quickly run into the millions within days of being uploaded would’ve been all over the charts making it clear that not only is there a deliberate campaign against black men achieving any sort of success but it’s becoming life threatening.

You can either be J Hus or 1011

Either you make music, gain popularity and get out of the toxic environment that inspires it which will put a target on your back or…you make music, gain popularity, get out of the toxic environment that inspires it and the police stop you making music, leaving you in that same environment with a larger target on your back. Either way you’re a target.

And before you say ‘they should just call the police’ well Nashon Esbrand Did. He warned the police he was being targeted by a gang and they said ‘we’ve got his name on file’ so when he was murdered they were kind enough to launch an investigation…but unless ‘launch an investigation’ is police for ‘resurrect from the dead’ it was too little too late.

After months of threats to himself and his family, his last words were:

They’ve got me dad, they’ve finally got me’

before being hacked to death.

It’s not about keeping black people safe. It never was. Black people dying isn’t a media or police concern. Black people are murdered every day and it barely makes the local paper.
It’s only a problem when the music starts giving ideas to kids who aren’t from council estates; who aren’t black and actually come from affluent backgrounds.

The job of the media and the police is to stop black people from telling their stories and villainise the victims. It’s your job not to fall for it.