Do We Really Need This Bugzy V Stormzy Beef?


With his latest single Bugzy just dropped a pretty blatant shot at Stormzy. The two have been going back and forth for a while now and with his new EP campaign Bugzy’s making it official.

So, I could be in the minority here. But does anyone actually want this?

It feels like a whole 20 mins since Bugzy and Chip finally stopped sending for each other. And that was definitely fun when it started; seeing the Chip going super saiyan and the Bugzy finally getting the attention he deserved. Then it went on for far too long. To the point we just wanted to hear music from either of them where they weren’t mentioning each other. And while I’m sure Chip probably has a bunch disses ready to go, he’s been putting out music and prepping his album. And I’m sure less than 1% of Bugzy’s long-awaited album will be aimed at Stormzy but it just feels a bit tired at this point.

It’s a different time in the game.

When this beef started ‘Konnichiwa‘ hadn’t even dropped. We’ve had high selling award-winning grime albums before but ‘Konnichiwa‘ really set off a chain reaction of grime shifting further into the mainstream. On all levels. Unsigned artists with only millions of views to their name dropping projects with little promo or hype to large success. EVERYONE being on tour. J Hus and Mostack releasing almost back to back projects for purchase was unthought of at the time. The old US model of pushing the single on every radio show, talk show, blog, magazine, billboard, advert is dead.

Now UK artists, in particular unsigned ones don’t play that. Drake, Kendrick are of the tier where they can drop projects with minimal to no promotion and UK artists are doing the same. Out of necessity. They can’t just jump on The One Show to promote their albums and they’re still seeing strong sales and high chart placings. And where the peak of beef sales was the East coast v West Coast/ Bad Boy v Deathrow era, those days are over. The Game sending for Meek Mill did nothing for his album sales. Same for Joe Budden sending for Drake. At one point rappers weren’t even hiding the fact that it was promo. Common sent for Drake on ‘Sweet‘ taken from his (pretty solid) album ‘Dreamer/ Believer‘. A few back and fourths and then they were pictured laughing and joking at a basketball game. Again, did nothing for Common’s album sales.

Mid 90’s to the early 2000’s some of the biggest albums were based around a few singles and a tonne of filler. Look at Def Jam, at one point every artist on the label was releasing an album a year. So naturally this was also the era where beef started to be used to boost hype and sales. Then gradually even the most mainstream rappers started to focus on the album being a complete product, as opposed to some singles and dead weight you don’t want. Simultaneously the public also started to get wise to manufactured beef. Where rappers would even pretend to beef. And Worldstar certainly made the whole music aspect less important. Now we just want to see the someone catch someone on camera and back their talk. Diss records quickly became the means to a violent video footage end. Records simply don’t do it

Today for unestablished acts, sending for someone is the quickest way to get attention. J Hus was pretty open about sending for Kojo Funds; but now he has a top 10 album and Kojo casually gets millions of hits with every video; the beef has served its purpose and has since died down. Same goes for 67. Who initially found shows getting shutdown due to perceived controversy. Another reason why beef quickly runs its course.

There’s also the issue of just how spoilt we are for entertainment. Collab albums, free albums, mixtapes to promote albums, binge watching, entire discography available for streaming, a superhero from your childhood getting a movie 7 times a year! The amount of entertainment competing for your attention means an album simply being released isn’t enough. And a little ‘beef’ is a sure way to drive interest.

But the biggest reason this beef it’s hard to get excited about this? Imagine knowing you were going to a buffet. You’d saved your appetite all day; some toast and a salad finally you get there. A Chinese buffet, with every dish you could want and a tonne of others you’ve never heard of. All cooked to perfection and fresh. You pace yourself and manage to get a bit of everything and have a wonderful meal. After all that, what you wouldn’t do is head to your local chicken shop for a reheated 2 piece and chips that tastes like wet cardboard.

Chip V Bugzy, Yungen + (kinda) Tinie was the buffet. This is beef is kinda the two piece. Don’t knock the 2 piece. It can really hit the spot when you need it. But after the buffet? I’m good.

We had a Chip at his lowest. Counted out by everyone. Bugzy the underdog, but respected and on the come up. And as if that wasn’t enough supernaturally scary rappers 67 and a genuinely hilarious Worldstar moment from Yungen. Not to mention the fact that it did outstay its welcome. Still a buffet, but with seconds, thirds and very heavy desert with custard. To the point even seeing more food started to turn your stomach.

What I’m saying is we’re full. And its way too soon to be hitting the buffet again. Bugzy’s a big man and obviously can do whatever he wants. I’m just saying with sold out arena tours and main stage festival slots it feels a lot more exciting to see rappers from our scene do that as opposed to going against up each other. Aaaaaand the fact that Bugzy, while a great war MC is infinitely more interesting when he’s delving into his dark recesses like on ‘Nightmares‘ or ‘Can’t Trust A Soul‘. Anyway, anything Bugzy drops is sure to bang, I guess maybe right now we can just watch rappers in our scene dominate the mainstream instead of spending another 9 months running the ‘I’m better than you’ point into the ground. Unless…unless it’s Lord Of The Mics. But if we’re asking for a Lord Of The Mics clash: