Do The Legends Still Have A Spot In The Music Game?


Urban music has pretty much been around in some form or another, since the beginning of music. As we go through the ages and different genres prevail, a new generation of musicians will takeover the charts and begin their musical journey. With so much new talent emerging, is there still room for the long serving artists in the music game?


On the surface, we want their new music, we crave it, we complain about nothing on the radio sounding like it. But deep down, it’s the excitement of the artist. The majority will agree that Nas, Jay, Diddy, 50, Snoop, Dre, Em, Busta, Lauryn Hill etc were untouchable in their prime. But, get at me if I’m wrong… how many ground-breaking bangers have they had since their prime?

Since the pivotal points in their career, many of these men and women have gone on to be entrepreneurs, albeit within music or an entirely new field. Beats by Dre, Power, Ciroc,  Tidal & Roc Nation are just some of the ventures theses guys have entered into since, with the occasional banger every few years.



While they’ve taken a hiatus from music, a new generation of Hip Hop has formed. We have the Drake’s, Future’s, Migos, & Thugga’s dominating the charts and fulfilling consumers needs. These artists are pioneering the new sound of trap, Afro & bashment enthused tracks, we even have a new generation of conscious rapping through the likes of Kendrick and J Cole.

When news that Jay & Diddy were rumoured to be working on their own Individual projects, as a fan and consumer I was on it! I’m always here for new music, especially from the greats. While I completely understand and embrace these legends gracing us with new music , truth be told if I’m going to choose something to play, it’s going to be their 80s, 90s even 00s sound.

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The UK music scene on the other hand took a little longer to mature. Whilst our music is 100% evolving, grime & rap in particular today, still embody the trends that the legends such as Wiley, Bizzle, Crazy Titch, Wretch, Skepta & more started many years ago.

It’s one of the reasons why these artists are so big alongside the new generation artists of Stormzy, AJ, JHus etc. The U.K Music culture leaves room or Artists to coincide & continues to build on this. Without being bias, there also seems to be greater love and support from UK legends to newer artists & vice versa.

Whether it’s US or UK, new music from the veterans of urban music will always be appreciated. Even though I may embrace their older tracks more,  is no such thing as having too much music or too much culture.