P Diddy comments on Stormzy’s instagram of his BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover


On Thursday 14th September, Stormzy had a very busy day.

Firstly, he went to BBC Radio 1 and did a Live Lounge, which was amazing. He teamed up with singer Mabel, to perform ‘Cigarettes & Cush’ but also did an amazing cover of garage classic Shanks & Bigfoot’s ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’.

He then went to the Mercury Prize awards in the evening, as he was nominated for an award, alongside J Hus, and despite not taking home the award, he performed ‘First things first’ from his most recent debut album ‘GSAP’ (Gang Signs and Prayer). It was a very busy but amazing day for Stormzy, and his performances received so much attention that american rapper and legend P Diddy actually commented on his Instagram post of the cover of ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’.  He commented ‘✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿’ to which Stormzy replied ‘Jheeeze’.

Yet again, it goes to show how the UK Talent is catching the eyes and ears of some of the biggest rappers and name out in America, and how they’re paying homage to the British grime scene. First it was Drake showing up to Section Boyz show in Village Underground, then Drake working with Skepta and Giggs.

Well done, Stormzy!