Devilman Replies To Chip’s Diss


Everyone held their breath for a ‘Kendrick/Control‘ type response for when Chip started calling names at the start of the year. Initially no one really replied and everything went back to normal, until Manchester’s Bugzy Malone and Big Narstie replied. Bugzy made a freestyle and Narstie made some comments online. Chip replied in a new diss and now it’s all kicking off. Chip also mentioned Devilman’s name for ‘no apparent reason’ according to the rapper, so now he’s recorded his own diss. He also mentions Jammer and Lord Of The Mics and even Skepta for some reason. What do you think of the diss? How far do you think it’ll go?



  • mark

    Devilman does not set levels I’m from Birmingham an he is whack skepta chip an jammer would end him lyrically

    • suck urself

      nah fuck chipwank n jammer the goat r u deaf man gtfoh

    • Truth

      Lol, Skepta is far from Lyrical, as much as I like some Skepta stuff, he’s not lyrical, Jammer still runs around screaming ‘It’s the Murkle Man’ and begging rewinds, and Chip….he’s the most lyrical of the 3, but he’s sold himself out….tried to do the Tinie Tempah and flopped and comes back to Grime beggin’ it and trying to create hype around himself…claiming to be true to the genre etc. Mug. And he gets bodied on this.

  • Pedro Soul-Purpose

    Devilman is a wally – Sending for Chip is like sending for royalty. As for Big Narstie – I cant say much – hes a bit of a serious geezer still – but I know for a fact lyrically he ain’t all that either – none of them are better than chipmunks first mixtape. Im not even a chipmunk fan but Im just being real.

  • Pedro Soul-Purpose

    Ohyeah and Devilman snitched on the mandem in brum!

  • Ash Nel

    weather u like devilman or not is irrelevant nowadays he has influenced every grime mc in d uk

  • Pedro Soul-Purpose

    @Ash Nel:disqus bro if devilman influenced wiley i give you £500 rightn ow – whats ur bank acc and sort code – actually.. what am I on about he didnt…so NO!