Darrell Cole reveals all about his musical journey


Belgium is famous for many things, especially its chocolate and waffles. Well there is something sweeter coming out of the Western part of Europe and it’s a new smooth sound from rapper Darrell Cole.

The London born, Sierra Leonean cultured and Belgian raised artist has created a vibe across the globe. Last night he performed at the Islington Assembly Hall supporting Hip Hop legend Talib Kweli.

After his hit single, ‘Take Me Away’ earned him a deal with Sony Belgium; it was also used in LeBron James’ US Sitcom ‘Survivors Remorse’.

But, his journey in the beginning wasn’t the easiest, living with his mum and siblings, finding it hard to cope in the tough environment of Antwerp. Cole, found himself kicked out of his house, bills over his head and living in the streets. One email from Barcelona changed his whole life as he moved to Spain with no Money.

We got into an in-depth conversation with the artist to hear his amazing story.

“I’m a Sierra Leonean, Born in London, Raised in Belgium and I’ve been making music for the last ten years, it’s only now that it’s going somewhere.  As a Hip Hop artist my intention is to cater to the needs of every country, music wise. If that means an urban sound mixed with a Spanish sound and an African vibe, I’m up for it!”

“My birth into music took place when I was a kid. My mum used to love Mary J. Blige and make me write out the lyrics of her songs on the cassette as there was no Google, Genius, and it was a daunting task I must say at first. Then it helped me learn the structure to building lyrics.”

When asked about his single, ‘Take Me Away’ Cole said that “my neighbourhood inspired the song, last year around 40 people got locked up in jail that I know, while I was opening  for Talib in Antwerp, my hood is a real dark place. The song talks about me leaving this environment, for me to be taken away to somewhere better.

Noisey said the visuals for the song was like a ‘movie’ and compared him to the likes of Joey Bada$$ & Illmatic, Cole described the comparison as an ‘honour’.

The Belgian is currently working on an EP that has a surprising collaboration with Styles P.


Words: Andre Johnson